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Certifications Overview

When you become a DMI student, not only will you gain access to the global standard in digital marketing education, but you also have the opportunity to gain a globally recognised, industry validated certification.

DMI is proud to offer a range of certificates which to suit the needs of individuals and corporate groups:

Professional Certification


Professional Level certification demonstrates extensive understanding of the discipline, its key concepts, procedures, and best practices, practical skills acquisition and validated by a thorough assessment process.

The exam is 3hrs long covering approximately 185 multi-choice test items.

1. Demonstrates a discerning understanding of the core theories, concepts, and principles constituting the discipline of Digital Marketing in addition to an understanding of current issues with specialist knowledge in some areas

2. Can apply knowledge, skills, and understanding to a broad range of professional skills, practices and techniques, and can adapt them to investigate and resolve professional issues and problems

3. Can exercise autonomy, initiative, and manage resources at a professional level and use a range of approaches to formulate and critically evaluate evidence-based solutions to routine professional problems

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Expert Certification


Expert Level demonstrates advanced technical and commercial knowledge of Digital Marketing. Students will have completed 130 hours formal training covering a substantial and extensive range of course content, in both breadth and depth of delivery.

Assessment is undertaken via two research assignments.

1. Demonstrates knowledge that covers and integrates all main areas constituting the discipline of Digital Marketing, including a critical understanding of its theories, concepts, and principles.

2. Demonstrates a critical awareness of current issues and extensive knowledge and understanding informed by current developments in one or more specialisms associated with Digital Marketing .

3. Can apply knowledge, skills, and understanding to a range of specialized skills, practices and techniques at the forefront of professional developments.

4. Can undertake specialist research using standard techniques of enquiry and creativity to investigate practice in an unpredictable variety of professional level contexts.

5. Can exercise substantial autonomy and initiative, work in a peer relationship with specialist practitioners, and can manage complex projects that demonstrate leadership resulting in a measurable contribution to changes, new developments, or new thinking

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Master Certification


Master Level Certification reflects complex understanding and applied critical thinking with the Digital Marketing domain, coupled with significant previous professional experience or academic qualifications.

1. Demonstrates a critical and detailed overview of the discipline of Digital Marketing from knowledge and understanding generated through personal research that makes a significant contribution to the development of the discipline.

2. Demonstrates a detailed and often leading knowledge and understanding at the forefront of one or more specialisms associated with Digital Marketing understanding informed by current developments in one or more specialisms associated with Digital Marketing.

3. Can apply an integrated approach to critical analysis, evaluation, and synthesis of new or complex issues and develop original, creative, and informed judgements related to complex problems even in the absence of complete data.

4. Can design and execute specialist research and demonstrate creativity and originality when investigating new problems, issues, and circumstances in a professional context

5. Demonstrates substantial authority and exercises a high level of autonomy and initiative in professional practice, takes full responsibility for own work and substantial responsibility for the work of others, and demonstrates leadership and originality in resolving problems and managing complex professional projects

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Associate Certification


Associate Level Certification reflects learning form a narrower educational scope (ie short programmes). Learnings outcomes range are predominantly entry level, but our DMI courses contain some intermediate and advanced level content.

1. Demonstrates an awareness and appreciation in their understanding of the core body of knowledge constituting the discipline

2. Can apply knowledge, skills, and understanding to basic, routine practices and techniques, taking account of the roles and responsibilities related to tasks

3. Can obtain, organize and use factual, theoretical, and hypothetical information for problem-solving, making predictions, and drawing conclusions

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