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Visual Search is revolutionizing how customers find and buy products. Google, Amazon, Pinterest, and Bing have been at the forefront of the industry, but a host of retailers have also built visual search tools - and it's rapidly advancing!

This opens exciting new opportunities for businesses to connect with their customers through images, as well as words. Of course, this also brings a set of new challenges for marketers if they want to take advantage.

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Email Marketing Strategy

Well, 2020 has thrown us a global curveball. Professionally, have you taken the opportunity to up-level your digital marketing by refreshing your email strategy? If not, now’s the time!

In this webinar we hear from Karen Talavera, Founder of Synchronicity Marketing and expert in making email marketing not only easier but exceptional. She believes there’s no time like the present for amplifying this oldest and strongest digital marketing channel. Join us as Karen shares a framework for developing and executing successful Email Marketing Strategy in 2020 and beyond.

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