Dec 05, 2023

Webinar: 2024 Trends in Digital Marketing

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byNikki Lam

Posted on Dec 05, 2023

Our favorite webinar of the year brought us four experts who looked into their highly-informed crystal ball to bring us into line with what to expect in all areas of digital marketing in 2024. 

Nikki Lam (Neil Patel Digital) presents some insightful points on how to prepare and copy with Google's SGE which has brought a new way of complexity to capturing visibility and traffic in search marketing.  

Brian Corish (Elemental) delves into what AI really means for us and how to set expectations and plan how to use it to its full potential in 2024.

Alison Battisby (Avocado Social & DMI tutor) looks at the ongoing benefits of LinkedIn and the future of X (Twitter) and Instagram Threads for your social media marketing in 2024.

Cathal Melinn (Digital Basics & DMI tutor) offers a common-sense approach to making the most of AI assistance in Google Ads - to be aware of what you're doing all the time. 

Host Will Francis brings it all together in an extended Q&A (which starts at 00:54:50).

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Some feedback

  • Awesome content! Thank you all!
  • Probably the best, most useful webinar I have seen this year.  Awesomely awesome.
  • Thanks to all the speakers - lots of food for thought!
  • I have new ideas for my DMI Expert Assignment #2 after attending this webinar. Great content!
  • I can't wait to share these concepts with my team!
  • Thank you for such a great webinar. Future sounds scarry but we need to adapt. no other option. Good luck
  • As a student I really enjoyed the webinar and I am familiar with some of the speakers from my course. I really enjoyed hearing about  the role of AI in Digital Marketing . I also appreciate the links shared during the webinar and have already subscribed to receive info via email. Thank you .
  • I like how Will Francis nutshells everything, particularly the Q&A responses. He's an excellent Moderator. Also, Cathal is a rockstar--I try to attend all webinars in which he is a presenter.

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Nikki Lam

Nikki is Senior Director of SEO at Neil Patel Digital, where she oversees the Organic Search offering, leads a growing team of over 20 passionate Search strategists, and assists in award-winning SEO campaigns for NP’s growing roster of enterprise and Fortune 1000 clients.