3 Essentials of a Successful Digital Selling Strategy

Campaign Digital Marketing

Digital and social selling are quickly becoming the norm for many consumers across the globe. With such an influx of individuals making purchases online, it’s vital that brands and service providers are equipped with a digital strategy that allows them to sell products online with ease.

However, digital marketers are aware that the online purchasing process begins long before a prospect turns into a customer. Social outreach paired with high-quality content and trustworthy branding are critical for companies looking to make it in our online world. According to Retailing Today, 81% of consumers conduct some type of online research before making any major purchase.

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3 Innovative Video Marketing Campaigns

Content Marketing Digital Marketing

With over a billion users, YouTube is the second largest search engine on the web today and more video content is uploaded every 30 days than major U.S. television networks have created in 30 years. It’s obvious that online video plays an integral role in any marketing strategy, with users spending 88% more time on a website if it contains video. 

With so much available video content online, it takes time, effort, and money to create a video marketing strategy that truly stands out.

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6 Advanced LinkedIn Sales Navigator Tactics

Digital Marketing Social Media

The current digital landscape has provided professionals with access to a wide variety of sales prospecting resources. One of the key tools used by sales teams and individuals to nurture customer relationships and build meaningful connections with prospects is LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

If you’re ready to take a deep-dive into sales prospecting methods using this innovative tool, read on for six advanced LinkedIn Sales Navigator tactics.

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How to Identify Leaks in Your Sales Funnel

Campaign Digital Marketing

Have you been experiencing difficulties with hitting your sales targets or engaging with high-potential leads throughout your marketing funnel? Often, these missed targets are the result of drop-offs throughout your conversion funnel. However, many people are still unaware of how they can enhance their digital marketing funnel to connect with leads, identify top prospects, and generate online engagement and sales.

Comprehensive funnel analysis allows you to streamline your sales funnel by identifying drop-offs and using this information to guide your conversion rate optimization activities. The most effective funnel analysis identifies the ideal user experience across each stage of your funnel, so you can effectively chart their user journey across key touchpoints.

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How the Internet of Things Is Disrupting Digital Marketing

Customer Experience Digital Marketing

According to findings from BI Intelligence, the number of devices in the Internet of Things (IoT) will have doubled between 2014 and 2019. Digital technology has blurred the line between online and offline life. From wearable technologies that track your fitness 24/7, to the ability to watch your favorite show while commuting to remote access to electrical devices in the home - the shift to mobile devices has changed how we interact with the world around us.

Find out how IoT technologies are creating new habits and behviors in consumers and what this means for digital marketers. 

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