5 Creative Snapchat Campaigns to Learn From

Campaign Digital Marketing

With more than 158 million daily users and upwards of 10 billion video views per day, Snapchat can be a great platform for generating leads, attracting customers and strengthening your brand.

We've tracked down five Snapchat marketing campaigns from well-known brands that really worked, from creative doodling competitions to scannable codes designed to attract new users.

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3 Ways to Use eBooks in Your Content Marketing Strategy

Campaign Digital Marketing

Creating great content is one of the best ways to reach out to prospects and generate leads. 

It’s safe to say that eBooks – for the immediate future, at least – should play an integral role in your content marketing strategy.In this blog, we’ll share three ways that you can use eBooks to earn more traffic, generate more leads and drive more revenue for your business. 

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How to Use Marketing Automation for Lead Generation

Content Marketing Digital Marketing

Feel pressed for time? With targets to meet and objectives to achieve, time can be one of the biggest bottlenecks to your business’s growth.

Marketing automation -- the process of using software to automate some aspects of your lead generation and marketing process -- gives your business the ability to produce better lead gen results without the time investment of traditional outreach and sales.

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Top 7 Tools for Customer Insights

Campaign Digital Marketing

Creative briefs, content strategies, and RFPs are meant for serving ONE main purpose – gaining valuable insights into customer behavior. 

Once you know what information you need, you’ll be able to paint an accurate picture of your customers and their preferences; allowing you to accurately define your customer personas.

We’ve picked out the top 7 customer-centric marketing tools to help you to better understand your customers.

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How to Produce Reports Your Sales Team Really Wants

Digital Marketing

Great sales teams are built around three things: expertise, experience and data.

Get the first two items right and you’ll create a team that can capitalize on new opportunities and convert just about any prospect into a customer. Get the third right and you’ll gain a new level of insight into the effectiveness of your sales efforts, all while discovering new opportunities.

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