Aug 31, 2023

Webinar: Preparing for the New World of AI Search with SGE

by Digital Marketing Institute

Google's AI-powered SGE results are currently in test mode, only in the US right now. In this webinar Lindsey Schrant of Neil Patel Accel gives us some super-useful insights into how she has been using it, and considering how it will affect search for all marketers in the months and years to come.

Note: as of September 2023 SGE is only working in the US. Learn more and join the waitlist at Google Labs here

In this webinar, Lindsey Schrant of Neil Patel Accel will talk us through what's already happening with SGE and offer valuable tips for anyone in marketing who is yet to work with it.

The valuable webinar covers:

  • What is SGE and its impact on SEO
  • How to get ready
  • What SGE looks like for different types of search queries like informational, transactional, or local
  • Current limitations of SGE
  • Walkthroughs on how to gain access to Google Labs and how to prepare for SGE

Read our quick guide or listen to the podcast on SGE.

You can view and download the presentation slides here (DMI power members only).

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Useful Resources on SGE

The following sites and profiles are useful for keeping up to date on SGE and Google Labs.

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