May 23, 2024

Webinar: Create a Social Media Strategy for Success

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byMark Pollard

Posted on May 23, 2024

Sometimes, working in social media can feel like you're chasing the wind. On some days, you open your mouth and catch a gust. On other days, your tongue gets no breeze.

In this webinar, Mark Pollard of Sweathead pulls you and your mouth out of the algorithms for an hour to make sure that when you go back in, you do so with:

  • An understanding of critical research into brands
  • Principles and concepts of strategy
  • Weaknesses of a lot of social media strategy
  • A social media creative brief template that will improve your output

View Mark's slides at this link.

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The 5 A's Social Media Brief Template

Mark went over his own brief template which centers around the 5 A's to help you plan out your social strategy. 

  • Ambition
  • Audience
  • Assets
  • Appearance
  • Action
5 A's Social Media Creative Brief Template

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Mark Pollard

Mark Pollard runs strategy training company Sweathead. He's taught strategy to thousands of people around the world. He's also taught teams at Pinterest, Meta, Twitter, The Wall Street Journal, and EA Games. He's been publishing online for nearly 30 years. He started Australia's first full-colour hip hop magazine and, a few years ago, raised $37,000 for his first book "Strategy Is Your Words." His social media posts about strategy reach over 500,000 people per month.