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eCommerce + Data & Web Analytics Bundle Overview

More than mere 'lessons', this course bundle is an interactive selection of unique learning formats, delivered though toolkits, videos, podcasts, webinars and essential reading. This is a thorough exploration of what eCommerce and Data & Web Anayltics means today. Exam completion of both courses leads to 2 Associate Level Certifications.

9 Interactive Modules.

2 Associate Level Certifications.

16+10.5 Hours self-paced learning content.

FREE DMI Membership included.

Practical Toolkits and Templates.

Key skills and competencies you will gain

Principles of UXeCommerceInbound and Outbound ChannelsAgile ThinkingCollecting and Processing DataData CleansingData Analysis and Forecasting Problem-Solving Customer Experience Conversion OptimizationData Security Presentation Skills Visualizing and Reporting Data Google Analytics 4

These short courses are DMI Tracks, just one of our collection of skills based training courses which teach you to execute core digital marketing competencies quickly.

What you'll learn

5 Modules • Approx 16 hours Learning content


Module 1 - Websites and UX

2h 18mins

Understand how the design of your website can effect on how your customer choose to buy from you.

Knowledge Gain:

Key Features of E-Commerce Websites Importance of User Experience The Principles of UX Design

Toolkits included:

UX Writing for eCommerce Sites: A Practical Guide

Case Study/Webinar

Amazon and eBay: Learning from the Online Retail Giants

A Juicy Future for Lemonade Insurance


Module 2 - SEM and Sales Channels

3h 51mins

Before your customers buy, they first have to find you. In this module you'll learn how to attract your customers using search, email campaigns, affiliate marketing, and other digital tools.

Knowledge Gain:

Inbound Channels: Search Engine Marketing Optimizing a Paid Search Campaign Inbound Channels: Email, Affiliate, and Automation

Toolkits included:

SEO Keyword Research Toolkit

PPC for eCommerce Tracker

Google Ads Creator Template

Expert Insights:

The Anatomy of an Effective Marketing Email

Tips to Improve SEO for E-Commerce

Affiliate Marketing Explained

Combine your SEO and Affiliate Marketing Strategy

Influencer Marketing: The Ultimate Guide


Module 3 - Awareness & Consideration Channels

3h 3mins

Customers can reach your website through a range of channels. Some deliver high conversion rates, others bring customers looking to browse. In this module, we show you how to choose the best marketing channel for your business goals.

Knowledge Gain:

Inbound Channels: Social and Content Outbound Channels: Display and Video Advertising The Best Social Media Metrics to Focus on

Toolkits included:

Content and Channel Matrix Template

Buyer Persona Template

Digital Marketing Budgets - The Full Toolkit

Seasonal Planning Checklist and Calendar

Expert Insights:

Social Media Strategy That Drives Brand Awareness & ROI

The Best Social Media Channels

Content Optimization for Every Social Media Platform


Module 4 - Social Commerce and eCommerce Tactics

3h 21mins

Discover the fast-moving world of social commerce and why it’s important to your digital strategy. Turn people into customers with a range of website sales tactics, including purchase funnels, omnichannel selling, and m-commerce.

Knowledge Gain:

Understanding Social CommerceeCommerce ConversionUsing CRM FeaturesThe Purchase Funnel

Toolkits included:

Facebook Data Feed Manager

Targets and KPIs Toolkit

Funnel Conversion Reporting Toolkit

Case Study/Webinar

Stripe: Driving the New Era of E-Commerce

Expert Insights:

How To Set Up An Ecommerce Business

Reduce Your Shopping Cart Abandonment Rates

A Guide to eCommerce Conversion Optimization

The Best Drop Shipping Business Ideas


Module 5 - Using Omnichannel and CRO to Improve the CX

3h 43mins

This module teaches you how to understand and improve customer satisfaction. Adapt your business and website to center the customer experience, and choose CRO tactics that improve website conversions.

Knowledge Gain:

Creating E-Commerce Conversion Opportunities The Basics of CX Agile Thinking Changing the Customer Experience Using an Omnichannel Approach

Toolkits included:

Buyer Persona Template

Channel Performance Tracker

Case Study/Webinar

Zillow: Unlocking A New Chapter in Real Estate

Expert Insights:

Digital Accessibility

Customer-centric Marketing Strategies

What you'll learn

4 Modules • Approx 10.5 hours Learning content


Module 1 - Data, AI, and Data Protection

2h 22mins

Learn the different data types and best practices for data management along with understanding the benefits of using AI in digital marketing. You will also explore privacy, ethics, data storage, and data protection

Knowledge Gain:

Understanding DataGood Data and Bad DataData and AIPrivacy, Ethics and Data Protection

Expert Insights:

Best Examples of AI in Digital Marketing

The Definitive GDPR Checklist for Marketers


Module 2 - Google Analytics 4 (GA4) Fundamentals

2h 32mins

Learn how to set up and configure a Google Analytics account for GA4, install a tracking code, and link Google Analytics to other tools. You will also know how to gather data, and use reports for insights on campaign performance.

Knowledge Gain:

Digital Marketing Analytics FundamentalsCreating and Configuring a Google Analytics Account Setting Events with Google Analytics 4Alternative Analytics Platforms

Expert Insights:

The Best Alternatives to Google Analytics


Module 3 - Data Driven Decisions

2h 48mins

Understand how to use the various reports to monitor campaigns and know their purpose, characteristics, and benefits. You will also explore data-driven decision-making and know how it can be used to make valuable marketing actions to generate higher ROI.

Knowledge Gain:

Monitoring Campaigns and Supporting Channels using Google AnalyticsAnalysing and Recording Google Analytics DataUsing Google Optimize to Improve Performance

Toolkits included:

Paid Media Budget Forecasting Tool

Expert Insights:

GA4 Report Explorations, Funnels and Comparisons with Cathal Melinn

CRO Tactics


Module 4 - Visualizing and Presenting Data

2h 29mins

Know how to present key findings and insights from your data and see how creative visualisation and presentation can help people understand what the data is telling you. You will also learn how to use Excel formulas, charts, Pivot Tables, and Calculated Fields to present and visualise data.

Knowledge Gain:

Reporting, Visualization, and Presenting DataImproving Your Presentation SkillsUsing Excel for Data VisualizationExcel Fundamentals

Toolkits included:

Channel Performance Tracker

Funnel Conversion Reporting

Master Your Presentations

Expert Insights:

The Best Analytics Tools for Digital Marketing

Data Visualization Tools & Tips

Getting Hands-On with Analytics

Excel walkthroughs with Cathal Melinn


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Frequently Asked Questions

How is this short course assessed?

It’s trouble free. The assessment is undertaken online, with a 40 question multiple choice exam. You can take this in the comfort of your own home.

Successful completion leads to an Associate level certification.

Who is this course aimed at?

Small business owners, marketing professionals, product managers, entrepreneurs or anybody looking to get actionable skills quickly and attain 2 globally recognized certifications.

The bite-sized structure of the course is specifically designed to fit around your lifestyle and other commitments.

Do I need to have a marketing background?

No. You don’t need any specific marketing background to undertake and succeed with this course.

How long does it take to complete?

You’ll have 12 weeks to complete and depending on the DMI Track course, approximately 7-13 hours of content. You then take a 40 question multiple choice exam online. This leads to an Associate level certification.

What if I want to learn more?

If you wish to keep studying with DMI, we have a full range of additional short courses, Professional Certificates, Professional Diplomas and Post Graduate courses. Click here for more info.

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