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Participants will understand the foundational concepts of eCommerce and be aware of the broad technology infrastructure, including the ‘Cloud’, which provide the basis of many eCommerce systems. Students will be able to recognise which aspects or functions of their current operational setup would be suitable for an eCommerce solution, and understand what would be involved with processing customer transactions online, both from the perspective of their customers themselves, but also the organisation and suppliers.

The eCommerce module helps course participants develop a broad understanding and appreciation of eCommerce, by recognizing the growing global market, and our increasing reliance on transaction processing systems and infrastructure across a range of industry sectors and functions including: travel, technology, finance, retail, government, healthcare, energy among many others.

The eCommerce Module also enables participants to develop the knowledge and skills to understand, research, appraise and consider eCommerce for their organization. The Module covers the core concepts and terminology associated with eCommerce, and deals with the a broad framework of decisions and contexts that are required for consideration before implementing an eCommerce system.

Participants will understand the implications and perspectives of an eCommerce solution, how it may impact the organisation itself, but also from the customer’s perspective. Course participants will appreciate what is involved with adopting an eCommerce solution in business process terms, and also recognize the typical challenges around technology selection and implementation. You will understand how any proposed eCommerce solution also needs to integrate with other aspects of customer engagement including social media, digital and mobile marketing. Participants will also be able to assess the viability of the market place in which they operate for eCommerce, and research implementations and solutions from their own industry sector.

Through completing the eCommerce Module Course participants will be able to develop clear set-up objectives around any eCommerce implementation, and understand how to measure customer outcomes, in order to ultimately enhance the customer experience. Programme participants will be aware of a range of data protection, regulatory and privacy issues associated with operating an eCommerce system.

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