Specialist Diploma in Digital & Social Selling


Social selling tools and techniques are now an essential part of any successful sales strategy and are revolutionizing sales and prospecting.

This professional digital and social selling certification will equip you with the knowledge and skills needed at all stages of the funnel from identifying prospects to engaging with insights to driving that final sale.

Learn how to sell online in just 5 hours to acquire more prospects, reduce lead times and drive revenue.

Validated by the Global Industry Advisory Council (GIAC) Members Include:

Industry Validation

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How can we help transform the digital and
social selling skills of your staff?

Diagnose - Social Selling Program


Identify the digital selling strengths and weaknesses of your sales force

Design Your Social Selling Program


Evaluate and design the best digital and social selling training program

Implementing your Social Selling Program


Train your staff in digital and social selling in a way that suits your business

Social Selling Program Assessment & Validation

Assess & Validate

Assess your staff’s digital and social selling know-how post-training and validate your investment

Social Selling Program ROI

Return on Investment

Examine the impact of digital and social selling training on your business

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What can you expect?

Designed for busy sales professionals that require applicable practical skills, this program uses dynamic video, interactive learning and practical exercises to provide you with a hands-on learning experience.

As this is a five-hour program, you can choose to learn everything in one day or dip in an out of content as and when you need it.

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Foundation Certificate in Digital

What our clients say

IBM Social Selling Program | Digital Marketing Institute
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On completion of the Certified Digital Selling Professional program, IBM’s Business Development staff developed 7,200 new opportunities with a 7% increase in win rate and 37% reduction in days to close.

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Frequently Asked

What digital skills do my sales team need to excel?

That depends on the needs of your business and staff. Before we provide or tailor a course, we assess the digital abilities of your employees to ensure their skills are aligned with industry needs. Once we have carried out the assessment, a training program can be designed that upskills staff in the areas you need.

If I upskill and certify my sales team in digital how do I know once certified that they won’t all up and leave for a job elsewhere?

The simple answer is, you don’t. However, according to Gallup, employees that are engaged and thriving are 59% less likely to look for a job in another organization.

This means that employees that feel invested in and valued by their companies with a view to career development are much more likely to stay than those that aren’t.

How do the Digital Marketing Institute validate courses and what assurances are there that the content is on-trend and current?

Our courses are designed by our expert product team in coordination with Subject Matter Experts that have extensive knowledge and real-life experience in niche areas of digital.

In addition, our content is reviewed and validated by our Industry Advisory Council made up of the world’s largest brands such as Google, IBM, Twitter and Microsoft twice a year to ensure its relevance and technical accuracy.

What are the L&D benefits in offering employees a certified course in digital selling?

Certification demonstrates the skills of your employees to a high level of expertise. From an L&D perspective, a certification can standardize the skills of a global workforce and ensure employees are industry ready.

We are not interested in certification or an examination process, can we simply purchase and use your learning content?

Yes. If you are not in need of or in a position to offer certification, we can work with you to see what learning content your staff needs and it can be integrated into your LMS to use as you wish or offered through ours

How do your courses differ to academic university offerings?

The main difference between our learning programs and those of universities is that ours are informed by the needs of industry and can be delivered in a variety of ways: online, blended etc. so enable flexibility for a global workforce.

In addition, the pace of change in digital can make it hard for universities to keep up with trends. We update our curriculum on an annual basis informed by experts to ensure it provides learning content that is relevant and cutting-edge.

We need a bespoke digital marketing course specific to our industry. Can you build one and will it be certified?

Absolutely. Once we know the unique needs of your business we can develop a training program that draws from our digital and social selling program to address the needs of your staff.

We traditionally upskill through workshops, what are the benefits of online training?

Online training is ideal for workforces with busy jobs and lives. By providing 24/7 access to content from any location, your employees can upskill on the move and when it suits their schedule.

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