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Transform the digital skills of your business with a flexible, on-demand training platform

Boost digital marketing and sales performance by empowering your employees with an on-demand learning platform designed for large enterprise companies and organizations.

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What can we do for your business?

• Benchmark the digital skills levels in your company

• Develop talent from within and improve retention & employee satisfaction

Measure and prove the ROI of your investment on training

Reduce overhead, training costs, and agency time

Drive digital marketing & social sales performance

• Enable progress through a Continuous Professional Development Scheme

Upskill your team with on-demand training that drives business success

Once you know the knowledge and skills of each team member, you can offer digital marketing and sales training from entry to advance level that boosts the digital capacity and effectiveness of your business. 

Industry benchmarking

Assess and benchmark the digital skill levels in your business against competitors.

Scalable to meet your needs

Scale the scope of your learning program. Whether you need to train 2 team members or 30, we have a learning program for you.

Flexible on-demand learning

Gain team access to 20+ structured courses and learning pathways when you need it - from anywhere and at any time. 300+ lessons across 14 digital marketing and sales disciplines.

Regular Live Webinars

Access welcome, demo and exam preparation webinars to help your teams get started, plan, goals and timelines.

Practical Resources

Leverage 2,000+ professional and practical resources, ready to put to use at work, and continuously upskill your team with the latest trends.

Ongoing Support & Guidance

Use professional and expert-led support and guidance - including regular check-ins to set objectives, detailed progression reports.

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DMI for Business Training Plans has resulted in companies realizing:

Flexible learning paths to fit your training needs

Pricing terms: Unlock DMI content and resources for your employees, from as little as €195* per person. Fees are based on team size.

Upskill employees to develop in-house expertise and help people reach their full potential with the right corporate training plan. 20+ structured courses and learning paths, 300+ lessons across 14 digital marketing and sales disciplines to help you align your learning program to your business goals.

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Pro & Specialist Level Courses (30 Hours)

4 Pro & Specialist level courses across 4 key topics

Digital Marketing Professional

Introduction to Digital Marketing

Content Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Paid Search (PPC) using Google Ads

Display and Video Advertising

Email Marketing

Website Optimisation

Analytics with Google Analytics

Digital Marketing Strategy

Search Marketing Specialist

Introduction to Search Marketing

SEO Setup and Content

Optimizing SEO

Paid Search Fundamentals

Paid Search Campaigns

Demand Generation

Search Analytics

Data & Data Visualization

Search Strategy - Research & Planning

Search Strategy 2 - Execution & Optimization

Social Media Specialist

Social Research

Social Content

Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest



YouTube & Social Video

Social Apps

Social Commerce and Affiliate Marketing

Social Customer Service

Social Strategy

Digital Strategy Specialist

Managing Marketing Activities

Communication Fundamentals

Digital Marketing & Customer Experience

Digital Channels

Analytics, Data & Ethics

Managing a Digital Team

Budgeting & Building an Effective Digital Team

Digital Leadership

Developing a Digital Strategy with Strategic Thinking

Driving Business Performance with Digital Marketing Strategy

Short Courses (6-10 Hours)

16 Short Courses across 12 skills & disciplines

Track: CX Logo

Content Marketing

Develop and implement a data-driven content marketing plan for suitable channels. Boost creativity and measure your success.

  • Buyer Personas & Customer Journeys
  • Using Keywords in Content Planning
  • Content Creation, Creativity & Storytelling
  • Channel Promotion & Collaboration
  • Content Scheduling
  • Content Measurement & Performance
Track: CX Logo

Social Media Marketing

Use suitable social media channels for different business goals and objectives. Plan, set up, measure and optimize your campaigns.

  • Audience Research & Insights
  • Social Listening
  • Creating & Curating Content
  • Brand Guidelines & Consistency
  • Content Scheduling
  • Content & Channel Matrix
Track: CX Logo


Drive customer acquisition and revenue conversation across B2C & B2B with clever E-Commerce campaigns.

  • Importance of UX to E-Commerce
  • Search Engine Marketing & Sales Channels
  • Traffic Awareness & Consideration Channels
  • Digital Marketing Budgeting
  • Conversion Rate Optimisation
  • Improving Customer Experience
Track: CX Logo

Data & Web Analytics

Understand how cutting-edge analytics tools are being used to help businesses succeed.

  • Data Analytics Fundamentals
  • Data Collect & Data Privacy
  • Data Security & Compliance
  • Data Analytics
  • Visualizing & Presenting Data
  • Data Drive Reporting
Track: CX Logo

UX & Web Design

Future for your organisation for a digital world and changing online customer behaviour.

  • Website Design & Problem Solving
  • Design Lead Websites
  • Graphic Design & Creative Skills
  • SEO for Websites
  • UX Prototyping
  • Implementing & Measuring UX Design
Track: CX Logo


Increase your website’s visibility through search engine optimization techniques.

  • SEO Concepts
  • On-Page & Off-Page Optimisation
  • Improving Website Performance
  • Optimizing On-Page Content Performance
  • Building & Maintain Backlinks
  • SEO Measure & Performance
Track: CX Logo

Paid Search (PPC)

Drive quality traffic to your website and generate leads through pay-per-click advertising.

  • Paid Search Concepts
  • Creating & Managing PPC Campaigns
  • PPC Budgeting
  • Optimising Campaign Performance
  • Omni-Channel Marketing & PPC
  • Funnel Conversion & PPC Reporting
Track: CX Logo

Digital Strategy

Create, enhance and analyze your organization’s digital marketing strategy and brand-building efforts.

  • Developing Audience Personas
  • Craft Branding Story
  • Budgeting
  • Data Protection
  • Measurement & Performance
  • Critical Skills for Digital Marketing Leaders
Track: CX Logo

Digital Marketing Essentials

Upskill your team in the language, tools, uses and strategy of digital marketing and sales rapidly.

  • Digital Customer Journeys
  • Digital Channels
  • CX & UX
  • Risk Management
  • The Agile Approach
  • Data and Analytics
Track: CX Logo

Email Marketing

Capture, segment, and manage email subscribers in order to plan and execute successful email marketing campaigns.

  • Developing Email Strategy
  • Growing Subscriber Database
  • Email Content & Copywriting
  • Optimising for Mobile
  • Marketing Automation
  • Email Measurement & Performance
Track: CX Logo

Display & Video Advertising

Plan, set up, execute and optimise social video and digital display campaigns to drive awareness and conversions.

  • Planning Creating Ad Campaigns
  • Omni-Channel Marketing
  • Campaign Targeting and Bidding
  • Graphic & Video Campaigns Design
  • Measuring & Optimising Campaigns
  • Working with a Digital Agency
Track: CX Logo

Digital & Social Selling

Empower B2B Sales Teams to use digital tools to prospect and find new customers. Engage potential customers, increase your win-rate and reduce Time to Close.

  • B2B Buyer Process
  • Finding & Targeting Prospects
  • Attracting & Engaging Customers
  • Increasing Engagement & Building Pipeline
  • Digital Sales to Drive Sales Conversion
  • Building Deeper Post-Sale Relationships
Track: CX Logo

Customer Experience (CX)

Improve customer experience and deliver a seamless user and buyer journey to drive conversions and customer satisfaction.

  • Agility & Changing Customer Behaviour
  • Customer Centric Design
  • Designing for CX Success
  • Social Customer Service Strategy
  • Increasing Performance with CX
  • Measuring CX, Data, Metrics and Visualisation

Soft Skills & Mirco Lessons

Get access to 2000+ additional resources, webinars, practical toolkits and templates to enable your team to meet KPIs.

  • Marketing Management & Leadership
  • Graphic Design for Marketers
  • GA4 Training Series
  • GDPR & Digital Skills
  • Marketing Automation
  • CRM Marketing
  • AI Marketing

Digital Marketing Playbook

A 7-Hour Masterclass in Digital Marketing, covering all key channels drawn from the Digital Marketing Professional program.

  • Audience & Persona Research
  • Grow & Engage Social Media Audience
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Content Marketing
  • Website Optimisation & Insights
  • Email Marketing Design + Performance

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Unlock exclusive benefits with DMI for Enterprise Plans

For enterprise customers we provide significantly reduced fee plans and a number of premium supports to help corporates and learners along their learning journey. 

Fees are based on team size. Enquire today.

The global standard in digital marketing certification

Add new skillsets in-house while driving engagement and staff retention. Join 250,000+ members and access the world's most recognized digital marketing certifications.


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See why teams love our training platform

I chose to start with the Digital Strategy module as it is relatable to my role at Ansell.

I chose to start with the Digital Strategy module as it is relatable to my role at Ansell. Although I had learnt some of the topics time ago, it was a great refresh and reminded me of some concepts I don't always put into practice! I found value in the different template examples that were shared and used them in my work presenting our initiatives. This was great timing as we are beginning to shape our marketing strategy for next year and I could adapt ideas from my learning directly.

It was great to partner with DMI to drive the digital transformation agenda within Novartis SSA

It was great to partner with DMI to drive the digital transformation agenda within Novartis SSA. The blend of live webinars and online self-learning gave the participants a great experience and has truly transformed the digital marketing competencies within the organisation. I would recommend DMI to any organisation that wants to achieve similar.

The DMI is the only provider, to my knowledge, that provides all these things in one package

There are a couple of partners out there, but none of them are really holistic. The Digital Marketing Institute is the only provider, to my knowledge, that provides all these things in one package.

The collaboration with the Digital Marketing Institute is a fantastic one

The collaboration with the Digital Marketing Institute is a fantastic one, openness, really reacting on the individual needs that our company has. We gained a lot and are looking forward to the future.

DMI has been a monumental support and ultimate resource to elevate our overall digital experience

Glanbia Performance Nutrition's partnership with DMI has been a powerful alliance, which has helped to develop our global marketing teams across nine leading sports and lifestyle nutrition brands. DMI has been a monumental support and ultimate resource to elevate overall digital experience and engagement with consumers for their health and fitness needs.

Trusted by the world's biggest brands

We partner with some of the world's leading companies. Learn what we can do for your organization.

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Get world-class training and support to boost your brand and performance

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Unlock DMI content and resources for your employees, from
as little as €195pp. Fees are based on team size. Enquire today.


What is the difference between the Teams and Enterprise plan?

The Teams and Enterprise plans provide organisations with a DMI Business Membership Plan, including access to a broad catalogue of Courses, Learning Paths and more than 2000+ Resources. Enterprise Size Teams have access to; DMI's Skills Evaluation and Benchmarking Tool, greater flexibility of Course Library options, custom company-specific webinars and more.

How can I measure skill development across my team?

DMI's Skills Evaluation and Benchmarking tool allows you to get a detailed judgement-free assessment of the knowledge and capabilities of your team. Understand how your team compares by role, market, team, and business unit. Compare your team to the wider Marketing Industry and also companies in your category. Map your present skills to strategic goals to uncover training needs.

What content is available for my team?

DMI provides companies with more than 22+ structured courses.

  • 4 Pro Level Courses: 30 Hrs

  • 14 Short Courses: 6-12 Hrs

  • 6+ Sprint Courses: 1-3 Hrs

Organisations have complete control to deploy an individual or a series of courses to each of their employees as needs require. Courses are updated regularly. As new courses are released Organisations with All-Access will receive each new course for their team at no extra cost.

What resources are available to engage my team?

In addition to the Course material, participants will gain access to 2000+ practical tools and resources to help them get the job done. Our goal is to provide your team with the tools they need to turn their new knowledge into job-ready skills and with ongoing access to just-in-time learning to support their success.

  • Bite size lessons 5-10 mins

  • News & Insights

  • Expert Interviews, Podcasts and Live Webinars

  • Toolkits, Templates, Video Tutorials, Case Studies, How to Guides

What is the learning experience?

We understand that employees are busy. Our goal is to make learning easy, flexible and engaging.

  • On-Demand Lessons and Resources

  • Bite-sized lessons (3-20 minutes)

  • Quick and intuitive navigation

  • Integrated quizzes and practical exercises

  • Student support hub containing all supplementary resources in one location

  • Comprehensive tracking and progression reporting for both organizations and learners

Does DMI Integrate with Company LMS and LXP Systems?

  • Enterprise Learning Management System (LMS) Integration available via Scorm.

  • Enterprise Learning Experience Platform (LXP) Integration via Degreed and EdCast.

What happens if I need to replace team members?

You can swap, remove and replace users on your account as needed, subject to fair usage.