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Member Stories Paloma Juncos

Paloma Juncos

Professional Diploma


Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing

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“After some research, I made the conclusion that the Digital Marketing Institute was the most complete program and covered all the needed areas to acquire my digital skills.”

Tell us a bit about your experience before the Digital Marketing Institute 

For over 7 years I followed my passion for people, travel and international business working in different continents and getting international experience helping Spanish companies do business abroad and meeting interesting people along the way.

I started my career in Germany in order to complete my degree while working at the Embassy of Paraguay. From there, I studied a Master in International Trade and went to explore the Chinese market working as a Asian Senior Market Analyst based in Shanghai. During these four years I was responsible for consultancy support for Spanish companies doing business in Asia (China, Korea, Singapore and Hong Kong). In 2010 I moved to New York to further expand my experience in a different continent and work as Director of the North American Office helping Spanish companies do business in the US, Mexico and Canada.

In 2013 I moved to Ireland to work as the Marketing and Events Manager for a fintech start-up being responsible for the Marketing strategy worldwide.

What influenced your decision to study digital? 

I needed to get the digital skills in order to digitize the company and be able to position the company in a good angle on Marketing.

Why did you choose to study with the Digital Marketing Institute? 

After some research, I made the conclusion that Digital Marketing Institute was the most complete program and covered all the needed areas to acquire my digital skills.

Since completing the course in the Digital Marketing Institute, how has your Career progressed? 

I continue working with the same company but with a much better understanding of the digital area. The program allowed me to understand the basic areas and being able to develop from there.

Is there any advice you would give to new or future students at the Digital Marketing Institute? 

Take advantage of all the activities that Digital Marketing Institute organizes, and get the most of each class.

In one word, how would you describe your time in the Digital Marketing Institute? 

It was a very good experience and gave me the confidence to work in the digital area.