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Professional Diploma

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Professional Diploma

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Digital Marketing is becoming part and parcel of modern sport and I wanted to explore this in greater detail.

Tell us a bit about your experience before the Digital Marketing Institute

I have worked in the Aviation and Sports Industry in South Africa for the past 16 years, mainly in Sales and Marketing.

What influenced your decision to study digital?

Working for one of the biggest rugby franchises, I realized a fan's experience was not confined to the stadium and we were interacting more and more with fans through various digital platforms. Digital marketing is becoming part and parcel of modern sport, and I wanted to explore this in greater detail.

Why did you choose to study the Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing with the Digital Marketing Institute?

Studying digital marketing through the Digital Marketing Institute was a way for me to stay ahead of the game!

With lecturers from the industry, you know you are receiving the latest content and not learning from an outdated textbook. It also allowed me to study at my own pace.

Since completing the course in the Digital Marketing Institute, how has your Career progressed?

Since completing the course, I have started a niche marketing consultation business, helping brands unlock their true potential through Digital Marketing.

Is there any advice you would give to new students at the Digital Marketing Institute?

Once you have completed a lecture, put those learnings into practice. Take extra time to explore the digital world as it is changing every day. If you come across new digital info, share it with your class network. You never stop learning.

In one word, how would you describe your time in the Digital Marketing Institute?