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Maxim Kostenko

Postgraduate Diploma

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Postgraduate Diploma

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I decided to take my career a step further and outstrip the competition� I signed up for a Postgraduate Diploma with the Digital Marketing Institute.

Tell us a bit about your experience before the Digital Marketing Institute

I started my career in the desktop publishing industry in the nineties. As digital technologies began to emerge, I made the pivotal decision to study HTML and CSS to stay ahead of my professional competition. Another 10 years passed and I realized again that my knowledge was not unique any more. Websites like Wix and WordPress meant that suddenly, everyone had the ability to develop websites. So, I decided to take my career to the next level – I signed up for a Postgraduate Diploma with the Digital Marketing Institute

What influenced your decision to study digital?

We live in a digital era. You can love it or hate it, but you can't deny it. Traditional media has lost a lot of its power, the future is digital and you need to familiarize yourself with the latest techniques and tools to stay relevant in this dynamic industry.

Why did you choose to study with the Digital Marketing Institute?

Until I found the Digital Marketing Institute, I was envious of younger generations: they have the huge advantage of free time. Unlike them, I had the responsibility of looking after a family– I couldn't just quit my job to study! This way a key part of my decision to study with Digital Marketing Institute; the course was affordable and well-structured for the hectic schedule of a working-parent.

Since completing the course in the Digital Marketing Institute, how has your Career progressed?

My working conditions improved almost immediately. Following the completion of one module, I felt capable of approaching a company where I had previously worked as a designer. Within 30 minutes I had persuaded their CEO to hire me back as a marketer. My salary immediately went up 30%! After a year, I was invited to join the Ministry of Telecommunications and High Technology. Needless to say, both working conditions and salary level have progressed significantly.

Is there any advice you would give to new or future students at the Digital Marketing Institute?

Do not overlook sections that may seem unrelated to your career! You will need every bit of information to excel in this field! Join in the webinar, read additional books and other materials that are available on your Student Portal. Do not just study it, live it!

In one word, how would you describe your time in the Digital Marketing Institute?