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Member Stories Jonathan Owen

Jonathan Owen

Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing

“"I looked around and DMI looked like the best option. A good set of lecturers with excellent experience in the industry, well-presented learning, plus the Continuous Professional Development element."”

Tell us a bit about your career before the Digital Marketing Institute 

My background before the Digital Marketing Institute was in journalism and copywriting, I’ve written for local newspapers, national magazines and done a fair amount of business and music writing. In the past, I’d dabbled in some digital marketing in an informal way, but wanted to formalize that learning.

What influenced your decision to study in the Digital Field? 

It’s such an interesting area, always evolving and critical to almost any business in the modern commercial world. So it made sense to me to do some formal study to back up my on-the-job learning. At the same time, it’s an enjoyable subject to tackle because it factors into all of our lives on a daily basis, so beyond the career upside, it’s also just a fascinating subject.

In one word, how would you describe your time in the Digital Marketing Institute?