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Member Stories Jacqueline Hudson

Jacqueline Hudson

Postgraduate Diploma

Member since: August 2019

“My progression with the course has expanded absolutely everything for me in all areas of digital marketing. I truly feel like a world expert in the field and it’s given me the choice to work for any company in the world.”

Tell us a bit about your story before the Digital Marketing Institute. 

I have been an award-winning marketing executive for the past decade and am the Founder of LUXE Digital Now.

In my role as a communications and brand asset executive, I am experienced in designing and implementing communication campaigns with channel success metrics across multiple sectors including Fortune 500, technology, beauty, cosmetics, fashion, luxury and real estate.

What influenced your decision to study in the Digital Field? 

I have been in the digital marketing industry for over a decade, working as a Project Manager for Mode Media and as a major influencer in the digital landscape. This included being appointed to spearhead digital campaigns of 200+ companies for an international corporation and umbrella verticals,,, and

I have also created marketing strategies delivering sales at 90% of capacity for the first campaign season. Clients included Dyson, Sprint, Bacardi and Nexxus. In addition, I initiated two successful marketing departments with digital campaigns for L’Oreal, Burberry, Revlon, and Lancôme.

Is there any advice you would give to new or future students at the Digital Marketing Institute? 

I would say to absolutely do the course. Gaining a Postgraduate qualification is a major milestone in this industry.

Take your time, learn, and implement, that is the most important part of learning in the expansion of digital marketing.

In one word, how would you describe your time in the Digital Marketing Institute?