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Denis Tomas

Sr. Marketing Manager

Sr. Marketing Manager

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I loved how all the content is put together and presented. It is easy to follow and learn.

What do you think the future holds for the world of digital and those working in it?

  • The future and actually our present is about “customer-centricity, customer experience and omnichannel capabilities”. That is why digital strategy must be aligned with business objectives to deliver customer needs through owned, earned and paid media. Whilst at the same time securing robust organic performance, paid performance and continuous channel optimization, giving our customers and prospects a unique and seamless experience.

  • Despite the rest of digitals key pillars to build a solid strategy, content marketing is definitely a must, to construct a strong inbound engine.

  • Automated attribution models are key to ensure Digital MKT business contribution, especially in B2B environments.

  • Tracking, tracking and tracking. Analytics is the base for improvements. Understanding performance, behaviours, paths, interactions across channels, engagement and more, is key to evolve our Digital Marketing tactics and strategy.

  • We, as Marketers, are called to be continuously evolving our methods and knowledge to secure the success of our digital activities.

How would you describe your experience with the Digital Marketing Institute?

I loved how all the content is put together and presented. It is easy to follow and learn. I loved the accessibility… anytime, anywhere and from any device.

I enjoyed the content strategy module in particular. This module was key for me. I learned from a Spanish startup (B2C approach), that they were capable of creating 85% of their traffic organically and almost 65% of revenue through a strong content strategy..that is simply awesome.

Has participation in this offering helped you with your SAP Talk Discussions around career development? If yes, how so?

Well… I hope so. Haven’t got there yet. Will keep you posted.