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Postgraduate Diploma

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The course offers fantastic networking opportunities, the international contacts I made during my course have proven to be invaluable to me.

Tell us a bit about your experience before the Digital Marketing Institute

My interest in computers and Internet remained throughout my school and college years, where I studied Commerce in UCD, this influenced my decision to take an eBusiness module. After graduating, I moved to Manhattan and worked as an intern at CKSK, an Irish digital agency based in the city.

Although I learned a lot, I knew that what I had learned in UCD was the tip of the iceberg, and I needed to drastically improve my knowledge of digital marketing if I was to carve out a successful digital career.

I moved back to Dublin and excitedly enrolled on a Postgraduate Diploma in Digital Marketing – I knew straight away this was what I wanted to do..

What influenced your decision to study in the digital field?

The internet was changing the way business was done, and I wanted to be a part of that change. I knew that updating and certifying my digital skills would keep me ahead of my professional competition.

Plus, messing around with computers and gadgets was always a hobby of mine, so most of the time it didn't feel like study!

Why did you choose to study your course with the Digital Marketing Institute?

I had heard that the certification was highly regarded amongst people in the digital industry.

The course offered me the chance to learn first-hand lessons from those who've succeeded in the digital industry. I recognized many of the names the lecturers from their professional exploits and speaking on the conference circuit, and was excited to hear what they had to say.

The course offers fantastic networking opportunities, the international contacts I made during my course have proven to be invaluable to me.

Since completing the course in the Digital Marketing Institute, how has your Career progressed?

After I finished the course, I got a job working on the Search team at the Company of Huskies in Dublin where I work with major brands like VHI, Nissan, Failte Ireland and the Open University.

I've been there for two years now and am still learning about the industry each day. But the course from the Digital Marketing Institute really enabled me to get the ball rolling, and I certainly wouldn't be in this position today without it.

On a personal level, I recently launched a new brand of eyeglasses that are specifically designed for those who spend long periods of time using digital screens (all of us!). Ambr Eyewear are a computer glasses brand that combine protective, blue light blocking lenses with stylish, designer frames.

We launched early May 2017 and have since gained over 30,000 website hits, selling out of stock three times in the process. The feedback from the press and public has also been astounding – we've made appearances in the Irish Times, Sunday Business Post, Lovin' Dublin, and have been Silicon Republic's start-up of the week. I've been handling all the digital marketing for the site, integrating my specialty in SEO with the PPC, social, analytics and content marketing skills I learned in the Digital Marketing Institute. Needless to say they've been put to good use!

Is there any advice you would give to new or future students at the Digital Marketing Institute?

Take notes, participate and test out the stuff you've learned in your spare time. Play around with AdWords or Facebook Ads Manager, read some SEO blogs or figure out how to use Analytics. Although it's great to be well rounded, I think it's important to find yourself a niche in the industry that you can excel at. It's very difficult to be an expert in all them, but if you're hugely interested in SEO, for example, like I was, try and learn as much as you can outside of the classes. Always stay up with the latest developments in the industry, and, even better, if you can launch your own side project to test your skills, go for it!

In one word, how would you describe your time in the Digital Marketing Institute?


The practical skills I learned from each module were fully applicable to professional situations. This differed from 3rd level education, where I felt that most of my learning was geared towards an exam situation.

I think this comes from the fact the lecturers in the Digital Marketing Institute are experts in their fields with relatable experience. You are far more inclined to learn useful information from someone who has already made a living in the digital field. Alongside this I felt that the practical learning and application of digital marketing concepts was hugely beneficial to my career.