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Catherine Starrs

Nurture Strategist, North America Marketing

DMI has impacted my career development because I now feel more confident to have strategic conversations on digital marketing.

As a Certified Digital Marketing Professional (CDMP), do you have any exam tips for your SAP colleagues?

While everyone studies differently, here are some of the ways I prepared for the exam:

  • I printed out the module slides and took additional notes, as I was listening to the lessons. These were helpful to re-read when I studied.

  • I re-read the blue summary slides at the end of the modules the night before the exam.

  • I took the practice quizzes again and took note of the questions I got wrong. For the questions I got wrong, I went back and re-read the lessons related to it.

  • In the social media section, I memorized the steps you need to take for setting up an AD campaign on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and LinkedIn. The steps are all similar, but in a slightly different order, so I found it useful to memorize for the exam.

What has been your experience with learning at SAP in general? Why is learning important for you and for SAP?

I have had multiple opportunities at SAP to learn and grow in my career. Some of my most valuable opportunities to learn have been on the job. Whether it’s taking on stretch projects or listening to the questions that the leadership team asks during meetings, I learn something new every day. I have also learned industry best practices through opportunities SAP has provided me to attend 3rd party conferences such as Sirius Decisions. I also spend time listening to podcasts my colleagues have shared with each other. Continuous learning through internal SAP programs and 3rd party resources is important because it helps us to improve our tactical marketing skills, while other getting an outside perspective on how to improve the current programs we have in motion.

How has your participation in the DMI impacted your career development?

DMI has impacted my career development because I now feel more confident to have strategic conversations on digital marketing. As a member of the North America Marketing Demand Center, some of my colleagues work everyday on tactics such as paid search and website optimization. I now feel more prepared to have conversations with them and can apply it to future projects I tackle with them.

How would you apply the DMI learnings in your current role?

The learnings from DMI have provided me with best practices that I can apply to my role as a nurture strategist. It reinforced some of the social media, email and optimization best practices I’ve learned on the job, but also sparked ideas on ways to improve our current nurture strategy.