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Ayo Akpewe

Professional Diploma


Professional Diploma

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After doing research on the best places to study Digital Marketing, I chose DMI because the institute had the best reviews and was the most popular with Digital Marketing professionals.

Tell us a bit about your story before the Digital Marketing Institute.

I studied for a Bachelor's in Geology and a Master's in Sustainable Environmental Management; however, I found myself building a career working on Digital projects in the Financial Services industry. I was very interested in the digital field, so I moved on to work for a technology company for a couple of months.

What influenced your decision to study in the Digital Field?

Of all the Digital projects I worked on, I found that I was most passionate about Digital Marketing. I got this experience when I joined the technology company. I decided to pursue this aspect of the Digital field further.

Since completing the course in the Digital Marketing Institute, how has your career progressed?

Since completing the course in 2015, I have moved back to my home country in Nigeria, after living and working in the United Kingdom for 7 years.

I am a Partner at SR & R Digital, a new tech start-up specializing in Digital Marketing and Digital Transformation for small and medium size enterprises (SMEs). We provide Digital Marketing and Digital Transformation solutions to these SMEs. I also spend a lot of my time coaching SMEs on the best way to incorporate Digital Marketing into their marketing strategies. I am a part-time Digital Marketing Lecturer at the Enterprise Development Centre (EDC) of the prestigious Lagos Business School, Nigeria and an official Boost your Business Trainer for Facebook in Nigeria. Some of the places at which I have been invited to speak include:

  • Road to Growth Project for Women in Nigeria by Cheir Blair Foundation

  • Women X Programme for Women Entrepreneurs in Nigeria by the World Bank

  • Womenprenuer SME Training by Access Bank (a prestigious bank in Nigeria)

  • EDC Global Entrepreneurship Week Conference 2016 – Guest Speaker

  • Etisalat Start up Programme training for tech start-ups

I have also used my Digital Marketing skillset to grow a business I am extremely passionate about. I run a children's party planning business (The Party Goo Events), and in less than two years, the organization has become one of the top kids event planning outfits in Lagos, Nigeria. I have solely focused on Digital Marketing to grow this business.

Is there any advice you would give to new or future students at the Digital Marketing Institute?

On completing your course, find the aspect of Digital Marketing you are most passionate about and put a lot of effort into developing yourself in that area. My own area of specialization is Social Media Marketing.

In one word, how would you describe your time in the Digital Marketing Institute?

Insightful (THANK YOU)!