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Business Teams receive a range of ongoing supports to help employees succeed. As you add more users the cost per person decreases for the whole team.



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Create your own learning library from 20+ Courses & 300 Individual Lessons

Choose 1 or a flexible mix of DMI Courses

Choose from Pro or Short Courses Access Plans

2000+ DMI Resources, Toolkits, Templates & How to Guides

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Team Skills Report

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What is the difference between the Teams and Enterprise plan?

The Teams and Enterprise plans provide organisations with a DMI Business Membership Plan, including access to a broad catalogue of Courses, Learning Paths and more than 2000+ Resources. Enterprise Size Teams have access to; DMI's Skills Evaluation and Benchmarking Tool, greater flexibility of Course Library options, custom company-specific webinars and more.

How can I measure skill development across my team?

DMI's Skills Evaluation and Benchmarking tool allows you to get a detailed judgement-free assessment of the knowledge and capabilities of your team. Understand how your team compares by role, market, team, and business unit. Compare your team to the wider Marketing Industry and also companies in your category. Map your present skills to strategic goals to uncover training needs.

What content is available for my team?

DMI provides companies with more than 22+ structured courses.

  • 4 Pro Level Courses: 30 Hrs

  • 14 Short Courses: 6-12 Hrs

  • 6+ Sprint Courses: 1-3 Hrs

Organisations have complete control to deploy an individual or a series of courses to each of their employees as needs require. Courses are updated regularly. As new courses are released Organisations with All-Access will receive each new course for their team at no extra cost.

What resources are available to engage my team?

In addition to the Course material, participants will gain access to 2000+ practical tools and resources to help them get the job done. Our goal is to provide your team with the tools they need to turn their new knowledge into job-ready skills and with ongoing access to just-in-time learning to support their success.

  • Bite size lessons 5-10 mins

  • News & Insights

  • Expert Interviews, Podcasts and Live Webinars

  • Toolkits, Templates, Video Tutorials, Case Studies, How to Guides

What is the learning experience?

We understand that employees are busy. Our goal is to make learning easy, flexible and engaging.

  • On-Demand Lessons and Resources

  • Bite-sized lessons (3-20 minutes)

  • Quick and intuitive navigation

  • Integrated quizzes and practical exercises

  • Student support hub containing all supplementary resources in one location

  • Comprehensive tracking and progression reporting for both organizations and learners

Does DMI Integrate with Company LMS and LXP Systems?

  • Enterprise Learning Management System (LMS) Integration available via Scorm.

  • Enterprise Learning Experience Platform (LXP) Integration via Degreed and EdCast.

What happens if I need to replace team members?

You can swap, remove and replace users on your account as needed, subject to fair usage.