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University Canada West


As a leading Canadian university, UCW recognised the need to update its MBA program by adding a digital element to its marketing courses. UCW’s main objective was to get their students job-ready in an ever-changing Canadian jobs market where traditional industries are declining while in tandem digital industries are blooming.

The Digital Marketing Institute is the global standard in Digital Marketing Certification. Our mission is to support students to achieve their learning ambitions and help them realise their full potential. Our content is validated by representatives from the world’s leading brands while our global certification is recognised by the world’s largest employers.

A highly regarded private university with a stellar reputation, the Digital Marketing Institute was eager to partner with University Canada West. Especially after discussing UCW’s digital innovation hub based on their brand new campus in Vancouver. It was clear that UCW’s dedication and investment into all things digital meant they were a perfect fit for a partnership.

The Challenge

The rising demand for digital skills among local and global employers is becoming increasingly evident, with over 74% of industry leaders reporting that digital marketing is facing a critical shortage of digital talent.* (Economist Perpetual Evolution Report 2019).

Dave Keighron of UCW had the following to say regarding the digital skills gap in Canada

‘We have a huge challenge. The gap is not getting shorter, it’s growing longer. We are moving to things like artificial intelligence marketing. We need to get this base element right for our students, so we can prepare them for the future and what is happening. It’s going to hit small to medium-sized businesses if they don’t have the employees to help. 95% of our GDP here in Canada is based on small to medium-sized businesses. If those companies can’t compete in the digital space, Goliath moves in and takes over. Our DMI certified students can help them compete!

The Solution

Following a comprehensive and consultative pre-planning, application, mapping, and validation process, UCW became a ‘DMI University Accredited Partner’. UCW could now access the benefits of DMI accreditation, including:

  • UCW faculty gained access to a large library of industry-validated curriculum which is credited-rated and quality assured to a Higher Education standard.
  • UCW faculty and students gained access to ‘DMI Power Membership’ with articles and case studies from the world’s leading brands and a range of other content including short courses, videos, webinars, tools, templates, and podcasts, from some of the foremost subject matter experts in digital marketing.
  • Finally, students were certified to a Certified Digital Marketing Associate (CDMA) standard through UCW’s own assessment which DMI mapped to and approved.

The DMI’s CDMA certification is recognised by the world’s leading employers.

The Result

As a result of the partnership, UCW has reported:

  1. Increased student enrollments. 700 in the first 6 months of the agreement.
  2. Increased student engagement.
  3. Increased student & staff satisfaction.
  4. Increased employability options for UCW students.
  5. Increased engagement with local community leaders in British Colombia and across Canada.
  6. Increased student recruitment by 120% in 2020, despite the global pandemic.
  7. Positive feedback from local employers in British Columbia.

Within the first 6 months of the commencement of the partnership, there have been approximately 700 UCW students taking the DMI accredited courses with over 300 already certified. It is safe to say that the partnership has already exceeded both parties’ greatest expectations despite the huge challenges faced by both in 2020. The initial success of the partnership has resulted in expanding the partnership. UCW is now mapping the DMI professional-level program, the Certified Digital Marketing Professional Version 9, into a specialised pathway in the MBA program. Enrollment commences in early 2021. DMI and UCW are looking forward to many long successful years of partnership

Location: Canada


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