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The Challenge

Non-Marketing Professionals are people who want to have a career in digital marketing lacking a holistic digital marketing course that covers everything from digital strategy and social media marketing to website management and paid media (PPC). And the most challenging thing is, while there are various courses online; they need a course that shows them what to learn step-by-step and in an order that helps them to understand digital marketing end-to-end. These professionals are also looking for:

  • Being able to practice digital tools and platforms while learning.
  • Gaining an internationally recognised digital marketing certification to easily make that career switch.
  • A self-paced learning experience since they are very busy, mostly working in big cities.

Marketing Professionals and traditional marketers want to adapt to the new digital world and are in need of benchmarking their knowledge and understanding where they’re lacking behind. They want to stay relevant in the digital world, master digital tools and learn how to manage their marketing teams/agencies. They are also looking for a self-paced learning experience since they are very busy, mostly working in big cities.

For graduates and those at the start of their career, they want to explore opportunities in Turkey and abroad. Therefore, they want to gain a globally acknowledged certificate. Newly graduates are also digitally savvy, so they are looking for an online and self-paced learning experience.

The Solution

At NBT, our number one priority has always been supporting individuals to enhance their careers in digital marketing, and entities to grow and scale globally. In this regard, this year, we aimed to create new opportunities for brands and individuals to expand their Growth and Digital Marketing knowledge.

In addition to our Growth Marketing Bootcamps and partnerships with incubators and accelerators under “NBT Academy” Services; in 2020, we partnered with Digital Marketing Institute to provide DMI’s globally accredited certification courses in Turkey.

Since then, we were able to meet the demand for Digital and Growth Marketing Training in Turkey, and enhance the skills and mindsets of digital professionals on a global scale. We reached more than 3000 + potential customers within 12 months. During this period, we’ve seen great interest in DMI PRO and DMI Strategy & Planning courses.

The Result

We have managed to be ranked in the top 3 for the keywords “dijital pazarlama eğitimi” (digital marketing training) and “dijital pazarlama kariyeri” (career in digital marketing) within 9 months in the Turkish market. Our search visibility in Turkey reached 16% (a 13% increase in 12 months). Our closest competitor’s visibility is 7.7%. This, at the end of the day, supported our lead generation.

After 12 successful months of our partnership with DMI, we have presented the DMI Courses and Certifications to 3000+ Digital Marketing Enthusiasts and we already achieved 100+ DMI Turkey alumni. We managed to close our first B2B deal, Lenovo, followed by 2 more enterprise deals within the first year. After achieving these numbers, we are granted the exclusive rights to provide DMI’s globally accredited certification courses in Turkey. And we added two courses to our DMI Inventory: DMI Expert and DMI Tracks.

Why DMI?

DMI has helped us to meet the demand in the Turkish market in terms of providing:

  • A leading global digital marketing professional learning and certification body
  • A portfolio of courses designed by Global Industry Advisory Champions for the specific needs leveraged with Short CPD Courses and content library
  • The support we need while preparing the go-to-market strategy and afterwards for the sales process.


I can easily say that DMI has provided me with the best experience.

Thanks to the DMI Pro course, I started to not only feel but also see that I made a difference from the first day. In addition to having knowledge on many topics, it has made a great contribution to my ability to adapt quickly to the advantages and conveniences offered by the rapidly changing digital world and to specialize in the digital field during this adaptation process. I believe that I will use this knowledge have acquired in the future more easily. I have already started researching the rest of the DMI courses!

I have received digital training/courses on various platforms, but so far, I can easily say that DMI has provided me with the best experience. The interactive structure that facilitates learning, the storytelling in the courses and training materials were crafted skillfully. Not to mention the significant experience of the trainers, the bonus content and the certificate of achievement with a professional exam.

Location: Turkey

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