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Keeping up with developments in the field, and finding enough resources to do all that needs to be done.

The Learning People is an online education website that offer world-class training courses and certifications. Their aim is to give their students the best training and support possible. Digital media has revolutionized how the world communicates. But how do businesses, keen to capitalize on new digital technology, measure the digital capabilities of a potential new employee? It’s a quandary that Patrick Aylmer, Founder and Director of The Learning People has seen time and time again.

The Challenge

“We have been watching marketing job specs for quite some time, and there is definitely a surge in demand for people with digital marketing experience. The trouble is we know from practice that it’s very difficult for candidates to prove that digital knowledge. While employers found it difficult to tell the difference between one person’s skill’s and another’s without a qualification to back it up.”

With an eye on the rise of digital marketing requirements on job specs, along with fielding a growing number of requests from jobseekers and career movers, the need for a professional digital marketing qualification became apparent.

So, it was only a matter of time before The Learning People rolled out their own course.

With a mandate to provide the best training that they could find, The Learning People spent months researching their options. With their students in mind, the company sought a partner with an in-depth understanding of the key components of digital marketing along with a finger on the pulse of trends, developments and growth in the sector. Eventually, it was clear that one organization stood out.

“It was very clear to us that the Digital Marketing Institute’s offering was head and shoulders above anything else. Primarily because the content is so closely aligned to what industry is looking for in today's job market. Secondly, because the package itself is fantastic as it leads to a certification that is internationally recognized, and that has enormous currency in today's job market.” - Patrick Aylmer, Founder and Director

The Solution

As the global standard in digital education, the Digital Marketing Institute offered industry validation from digital leaders such as Google, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. These unique credentials spelled success from The Learning People’s point of view and so began a fruitful partnership.

Through ‘orientation sessions’ the Student Care team at The Learning People spend a lot of time dealing with students. These sessions involve spending up to 30 minutes on the phone running a student through how to log into training, how to use the platform and how to get the most out of the course itself. With all this time involved, Kate James, Head of Student Care wanted a simple and usable platform that was student-friendly.

“We spend a lot of time making sure our students are fully prepared, set up and ready to run with their courses. So working with the Digital Marketing Institute has been a great relationship as the setup of the system and the registration process is really straightforward and works really well for us and for our students. It's easy to follow. It's concise. It's exactly what our students need from an online training platform.”

The Result

While being able to offer a validated professional course is very important, integrating that course and rolling it out to new students is another challenge entirely. With the support of the Digital Marketing Institute, the Learning People were able to launch their new courses as efficiently and smoothly as possible.

Patrick says: "Given the high demand that we're experiencing for digital marketing skills and the fact that the Digital Marketing Institute’s content is so aligned to what the industry's looking for, we feel very strongly that success means more enrolments, more people becoming certified and working more closely with the Digital Marketing Institute."

Location: United Kingdom


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