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As an expert in providing globally recognized training, ICE Malta wanted a certification that would enable students to strengthen their digital skills and progress their careers

As Malta's only ISO 9001:2008 certified ICT Academy, the Institute of Computer Education (ICE Malta), was founded four years ago in the heart of the Mediterranean. Together with international educational partners, the team then designed study programmes which helped position talent as prime candidates for career opportunities. As a result, digital skills were positioned as a high priority on ICE Malta’s agenda.

The Challenge

The rising dominance of digital in the business world has meant that current and potential employees are trying to catch up. In the Maltese Islands, the founders of ICE Malta noticed a significant need for digital skills training and a gap in the market when it came to digital expertise.

To tackle the issue, ICE Malta's Director of Operations, Nikolai Sammut and the Academic Team worked with industry leaders to identify the skills gaps that existed across businesses.

“What Malta’s workforce needed was a certified and professional course that ensured local marketing professionals, business owners, young graduates and individuals looking to master digital had the opportunity to achieve an accreditation that recognized their digital marketing skills and helped them evolve in the digital arena.”

As Malta’s only certified ICT Academy and an expert in providing worldwide recognized certifications by educational giants such as Adobe, Cisco, and Microsoft, ICE Malta knew the value of certification and wanted a partner that shared the same ethos and standard of quality.

The Solution

In 2014, ICE Malta’s founders earmarked the Digital Marketing Institute as an ideal partner. After extensive discussions, the organization decided to roll-out the Digital Marketing Institute’s Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing, a certification that would enable students to strengthen their skill sets and progress along a digital marketing career path.

A leader in the digital sphere, Digital Marketing institute's Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing is a constantly evolving syllabus that focuses on current trends and best practices to provide a curriculum ideal for anyone involved in the planning, implementation or measurement of digital strategies, or anyone looking to pursue a career in this area.

For ICE Malta, the benefits of the course to potential students were seen to be invaluable and would provide a certified syllabus that introduces key digital specialisms from mobile and social media to e-mail, PPC and SEO.

“Working with the Digital Marketing Institute team is a pleasure. Just like ICE Malta, the team at Digital Marketing Institute believes that students are at the heart of each and every study experience,”

Nikolai Sammut, Director of Operations

The Result

As a result of the partnership, Digital Marketing Institute's Diploma in Digital Marketing is Malta's first EQF Level 5 study programme focused on digital marketing and strategy. ICE Malta believes the key to its success is due to the Digital Marketing Institute's Syllabus Advisory Council made up of the world’s largest and most influential digital brands. This Council validates all of Digital Marketing Institute's course content and provides expert review and recommendations on a regular basis to ensure all graduates have learned the most up-to-date digital skills, core competencies, and knowledge.

In addition, thanks to a continuous investment in marketing, ICE Malta's brand presence and Corporate Training Teams' strong ties with local and international businesses; the company has signed up a record number of students and companies enrolling their employees for either the part-time or day-time courses, semester after semester.

Due to collaborations with all stakeholders, ICE Malta has confirmed funding opportunities for this programme positioning the Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing as one of their most relevant courses of the decade. ICE Malta plans to add more of DMI’s courses to its training portfolio over 2016 and beyond.

“The Digital Marketing Institute strives to create learning experiences which empower students to be able to advance in their career and implement what they learn to real-life scenarios. We look forward to introducing more courses from the Digital Marketing Institute's collection during 2016.”

Location: Malta
Partner since: 2014

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