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The Challenge

When we launched the digital marketing courses in 2018, awareness among Malaysian companies were still low and many companies did not even have a dedicated digital marketing team. Most of the time, these companies outsourced their digital marketing activities to agencies without really understanding the scope of work. Hence, they would get a mixed bag of results from these engagements, some good, and some of which were bad, resulting in them being wary of spending on digital marketing.

Furthermore, most people think that digital marketing is just social media marketing, partly due to the dominance of Facebook and Instagram platforms among social media users in Malaysia. They are not aware that digital marketing covers a wider scope including website optimization, email marketing and even content marketing.

The Solution

We want to reach out and build digital marketing awareness among companies, and we have tried a mix of traditional and digital channels. People may find it funny that we are using traditional methods to market digital marketing courses, but we had to, as the majority of these companies do not really engage digitally. We had to use traditional marketing channels such as mailing hard copy brochures and flyers, participating in career and education fairs, and even making calls to these companies. Nevertheless, we do place a lot of emphasis on digital marketing ourselves, using Facebook and Google Advertisement extensively, SEO and even email marketing. On our website and social media, we constantly provide value-added content to educate readers and followers about digital marketing such as the latest trends, tips, and even short videos.

Why DMI?

Apart from the reasons mentioned above, the other key reason for us to choose DMI as our Partner is because DMI is focused on its digital marketing program offering. DMI offers the widest range of digital marketing programs in the market, which is unmatched by others. For beginners, we could offer DMI Essentials and DMI PRO certification programs. For students wanting further specialization, there are DMI Specialist courses in Search & Social Media Marketing as well as Strategy and Planning. For those who want to develop strong and in-depth knowledge in digital marketing, we could offer the DMI Expert and DMI Master programs. These programs enable us to offer a pathway for students who want to develop their skills in digital marketing regardless of their level of knowledge and competence.

How has the DMI helped you transform your business?

By partnering with DMI, we were able to establish ourselves as a serious player in the digital marketing training scene in Malaysia. We have been able to provide training to small and medium sized companies and all the way to large multinationals and government-linked companies. Among our past clients include Perbadanan Nasional Berhad, Telekom Malaysia, Yamaha Motors, Nissan, UMW Group, World Vision, and DHL.

What does DMI mean for students?

One of the main reasons students join our DMI programs is because they are developed by experts in the industry with guidance from Global Industry Advisory Champions such as Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, HootSuite and other leading digital players. They know that they will be getting top-notch content and materials from industry experts. Furthermore, they can associate themselves with the DMI brand which is now a well-known organisation globally.

How has DMI certification transformed opportunities for your students?

We have seen many of our students obtain better career positions and job opportunities upon completion of the DMI programs. A few of our DMI Pro students who were unemployed have managed to secure jobs as digital marketing executives upon completion of the certification program. Some were even promoted to better roles within their organisations. For business owners and entrepreneurs, the knowledge gained through the DMI programs have helped them better plan their digital marketing strategies and optimise their ROI for the digital marketing activities.

How has digital marketing transformed your business?

Established in 2014, we are considered a SME in Malaysia and do not have a large marketing budget compared to MNCs and large companies. Hence, we rarely use traditional media such as TV Ads, Radio Ads and Billboards to advertise our products and services as they cost too much.

With digital marketing, we were able to compete by leveraging digital advertisements on Google Search, Facebook, and other social media platforms, which provides us with a lower cost of advertisement and targeted reach.

Digital marketing has helped our business grow tremendously over the years. We are currently the leading real estate training provider in Malaysia, and we aim to be the leading digital marketing training provider in the near future.

What has been the impact of digital on education and the student experience?

Malaysians generally prefer face-to-face workshops, but the recent COVID-19 pandemic has triggered the move towards digital or online education. The initial reluctance to adopt digital/online education is because students perceive that face-to-face workshops provide better engagement with the trainer.

However, once students have experienced the online learning management system, they are able to accept the method of delivery. Furthermore, they were able to learn digital marketing skills whenever and wherever they wanted, giving them complete freedom.

Location: Malaysia

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