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The lack of digital training in Cyprus meant that many professionals had a significant gap in their digital skills. Learn how our globally recognized qualifications transformed the digital knowledge of CIIM's students.

The Challenge

The explosion of digital technologies has created the need for specific skills and expertise. As digital channels and tools continue to evolve, many professionals in Cyprus did not have access to training that addressed the significant gaps in their digital skill set. This was causing a chasm between what an organization expected in terms of an employee’s digital knowledge, and what was possible with the skills individuals possessed.

Conscious of the lack of training opportunities, The Cyprus International Institute of Management conducted research that revealed a substantial gap in the Cypriot market; a lack of digital marketing professionals. Once identified, the company decided to seek a partner that would provide digital know-how through an established and certified training program.

The Solution

After extensive discussion, CIIM found the perfect partner in the Digital Marketing Institute as they offered a program designed by digital experts and were certified by theEuropean Qualification Framework. As Sophie Kyriacou explains: “We chose to collaborate with the Digital Marketing Institute because of its geographical location, regional reputation and above all its expertise in the digital marketing industry.”

It was agreed that the best opportunity for CIIM was to offer students the Digital Marketing Institute’s Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing. A globally certified course, the diploma is ideal for anyone involved in the planning, implementation or measurement of digital strategies, or anyone looking to pursue a career in this area. Informed by digital industry experts, it has a syllabus that focuses on current best practice, theory and applied skills.

“We have experienced strong and successful cooperation all round. The Digital Marketing Institute has always offered support and assistance to CIIM and those participating in the programme” - Sophie Kyriacou

The Result

Through established and long-lasting corporate relationships in the small community of Cyprus, CIIM attracted prospects in the business world. Using digital channels and tools, their communication and promotion contributed to the success of the Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing in Cyprus.

Since 2011 CIIM has offered the Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing to over 250 students and professionals across Cyprus. In cooperation with and supported by the Digital Marketing Institute, CIIM has provided participants with invaluable expertise and knowledge they can bring to any business or sector and achieve digital marketing success.

Location: Cyprus


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