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As an industry leader, Straumann wanted to introduce a digital transformation learning initiative that addressed their skills gap, cultivated a digital culture and embedded a digital mindset. 

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Founded in 1954, Straumann innovated the field of dentistry to redefine the boundaries for dental professionals and patients.

With over 4,881 employees worldwide, Straumann wanted to expand on their knowledge of digital in order to understand their customers better, deliver a quality service to dental professionals and improve on patient outcomes.

The Challenge

With digital transformation a priority for key decision makers at Straumann, creating a digitally adept and agile workforce was crucial to its success.

 According to Andreas Utz, VP Head of Marketing Europe, one of the biggest challenges for the marketing teams is keeping up with the ultra-fast developments in digital. “It's quite a challenge to keep track, adopt, learn how to cope and also to distinguish from meaningful innovations and important innovations for our business. For us, it's important to have the right people, the right skillsets, and the right mindset.”

While they had staff in-house with digital expertise, there was no consistency to the knowledge across the workforce.

“About two years ago, we engaged in a digital marketing campaign. When we reported on the details, it became very obvious that certain countries performed much better than others,” said Dominik Schneider, Global Head of Digital & Content Marketing.

“The countries that have good, well experienced digital marketers and the right digital mindset did well in the campaign. Therefore, we acknowledged we needed to do something about the knowledge gap, mindset and digital culture at Straumann.” 

The Solution

With a digital culture in their sights, Straumann wanted a partner with a holistic approach that provided online and classroom-based training, tailored workshops and professional certification to provide value to their employees.

According to Schneider, finding such a partner wasn’t easy. “There are a couple of partners out there, but none of them are really holistic. The Digital Marketing Institute is the only provider, to my knowledge, that provides all these things in one package.”

With the right partner identified, Straumann worked with the Digital Marketing Institute to decide on the best program for their global workforce. Calling the new program #AUGMENT, the company identified staff at different levels - observer, decider and ambassador - that would benefit from the program and tailored the training to different knowledge needs.

In doing this they hoped to provide marketers with key roles with the knowledge and skills needed to execute digital campaigns. 

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The Result

The #AUGMENT program was rolled-out across Europe, North America, Latin America, Asia Pacific and other emerging markets to a range of marketers at various levels. Through online learning and tailored workshops, learners boosted their digital knowledge and gained certification.

The impact on marketers has been significant. “It motivated them and helped them to embrace the digital marketing journey. They created this community that is really important to drive digital marketing and people exchanging about ideas, strategies, templates, and there's a lot of energy now in the marketing teams that are involved,” stated Utz.

It has also had an impact on they way Straumann achieved their business objectives. With digital now at the heart of their marketing strategies, there is no way a major new product would be launched without a strong digital marketing campaign with the clear objective to drive lead generation to their sales teams.

On completion of the program, the feedback from learners has been phenomenal. After conducting a survey, employees rated the workshops and learning an average of 4.5 out of 5 making it a hugely successful initiative for the company.

Thinking on the collaboration itself, Straumann believes the partnership has always kept the unique needs of their business and workforce in mind. “The collaboration with the Digital Marketing Institute was a fantastic one, openness, really reacting on the individual needs that our company has, but bringing in a lot of the experience that they gathered in the market. We gained a lot and are looking forward to the future,” concluded Rainer Schlegel, VP Global Head of Marketing Communications.

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