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With a focus on customer engagement and experience, the financial institution wanted to train their workforce to ensure digital permeates every aspect of the business.

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Allied Irish Bank (AIB) is a financial services group that provides a comprehensive range of services to personal, business and corporate customers.

With over 1.8 million customers, AIB is a financial institution that serves personal, business and corporate customers. With a focus on customer engagement and experience, the bank wanted to train their workforce to ensure digital permeates every aspect of the business.

The Challenge

As the Group Brands Director at AIB, Mark Doyle’s vision is to make digital such an integral part of their brand, that it disappears.

“What I mean by that is we are marketing now in a digital age, so instead of bringing in a digital team or having people with digital in their title, digital should be at the center of everything we do.”

The challenge for the financial institution was that while some employees were up-to-date with digital, there was no consistency of knowledge. Cognisant of the ever-changing digital environment and expectations of customers, AIB’s senior staff were keen for all marketers to be effective online.

“We operate in financial services, but a lot of the team have a very diverse set of backgrounds. What we really needed was a consistency so that the team and we were confident that there was a competence around digital and we could spend most of our time thinking about truly understanding our customers,” stated Doyle.

The Solution

Aware of the fast pace of digital and the knowledge gap in the business, AIB decided to look for a training provider that could offer two distinct things to their workforce.

“Firstly, an opportunity to enable our staff to upskill and broaden their skills in marketing in an area that wouldn't have been part of the traditional diplomas or degrees 5 or 10 years ago. Secondly, our spend has shifted significantly from traditional media into digital channels. So, it was very important that the people who were managing the campaigns fully understood all elements of digital marketing,” stated Roisin Glynn, Head of Social Media

The search for a partner meant they talked to a number of suppliers and educational bodies. After numerous discussions, they decided the Digital Marketing Institute’s online learning platform matched the needs of their business and employees.

“We felt the platform and the way the training with the Digital Marketing Institute was given really suited our needs. We also had an existing relationship with the Digital Marketing Institute and people on our team who had done courses in the past. For us, it was a natural next step and the process has been really seamless,” said Glynn.

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The Result

With a focus on search marketing, social marketing and analytics, AIB had great expectations for the learning program. While they expected huge interest from their branding team, other areas of the business also demonstrated a desire to upskill.

“There was a really strong appetite from our staff to get on board and not necessarily just people who work on the brand marketing side of the house,” stated Glynn. “We also had people from our customer care and customer experience teams take part, and they felt it was beneficial because it was something that they hadn't been exposed to before.”

According to Doyle the digital training has had a very strong impact on the team and fulfilled their original brief of standardizing competency across marketing departments. Armed with a strong depth of knowledge in digital, marketers can now focus on the execution of engagement programs and build innovative propositions for customers.

For AIB the future for their marketers is to stay on top of trends and be reactive to change. “The future is really about staying on top of a lot of that change and really being agile in our learning to try and stay ahead and make sure that we're serving customers the way they expect to be served,” concluded Doyle.

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