Feb 1, 2022

Facebook: Shaping the Digital Future

No conversation about social media is complete without Facebook (now Meta). The platform is synonymous with the concept of social media. Its rise from Harvard college messaging service to become one of the biggest companies on the planet is no secret. On October 28 2021 the company rebranded itself under the name Meta - the name of the Facebook platform did not change. The name change caused an enormous amount of discussion and hype, with many realising that the so-called Metaverse is already here.  

However, in recent years, the digital giant has been on shaky ground, with the loyalty of many of its 2.9 billion active users wavering in the wake of one scandal after another. As innovative new competitors muscled their way into the mainstream, Facebook has been forced to reinvent itself, pivoting to retain its power in the modern age.

But through great struggle comes growth, and Facebook has done plenty of both in the last few years. Let’s see how the Facebook, or Meta, of today has laid a path to future successes.

(Updated February. 2022 Note: Meta will be referred to as Facebook in this article when relating to historical events). 

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Chris Haughey
Chris Haughey

Chris Haughey is a creative copywriter and journalism graduate with a desire to educate more people about all things digital. Over the past decade, he has specialized in creating engaging online content for innovative brands in eCommerce, AI, MarTech, and PPC advertising. You can find him on LinkedIn

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