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Digital Marketing - Study Notes:

What is a Snap?

A Snap is an ephemeral photo or video taken within the Snapchat app, that include text, art, stickers, filters, bitmojis, and so on. It can be displayed for a duration of up to 10 seconds.


Here are the benefits of photo Snaps.

  • You can create content that people can digest.
  • You can promote brand offerings.
  • You can get creative with native tools to incorporate into your brand messaging.
  • It's easy to post a promo code or a website to highlight, and you can link to a website for direct response actions.

The benefits of video Snaps include:

  • Live video inspires and brings ideas to life.
  • You can promote brand messaging with native tools, including the fast forward, slow, and reverse buttons.
  • You can create content that can be used in an interview format.
  • You can showcase live events that give a breadth of scope beyond what a photo captures.
  • Influencers can showcase products and talk about the benefits of them.
  • You can zoom in to give brands another way to feature products.

Visual storytelling

Snaps are really important within visual storytelling. Taking a Snap photo that entices your community is a blend between clear, curated content and authentic storytelling.

Here are the best ways to do this:

  • Have a clear photo: It should showcase the product in focal point.
  • Be entertaining: Ensure that consumers stay throughout the story and want to learn more.
  • Use native tools: These help to make the Snap creative and true to the platform.
  • Tell a story: Make sure it’s part of a large narrative that helps tell a dynamic story.

Snapchat copy

Creating compelling captions are another component which brings consumers back for more. Snapchat captions are restricted to 80 characters, so short and snappy is the name of the game here.

The most compelling of Snapchat captions have the following characteristics:

  • They are to the point.
  • They illustrate the content created.
  • They use colors that accent the photos.
  • They use different font sizing to add an extra element of creativity to the Snap.
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Kate Talbot

Kate Talbot is a Growth Marketing consultant at Vidder Inc., best-selling author of "Oh Snap! You can use Snapchat for Business" and regular contributor to online publications such as Social Media Examiner, Engadget and KISSmetrics. Passionate about building brands through demand generation and strategic partnerships, Kate's expertise in social apps are unrivaled. 

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Instagram and Snapchat
Kate Talbot
Skills Expert

This module dives deep into the leading app-based platforms, Instagram and Snapchat. It begins by outlining the benefits of using social apps in your campaigns. Then, it teaches you how to navigate the key features of Instagram and Snapchat, and how to create fully optimized posts on both platforms. Next, it provides best practices for managing Instagram and Snapchat accounts effectively and covers how to run engaging ad campaigns on each platform. Finally, it provides you with the knowledge to analyze performance on each channel using analytics tools.