Feb 27, 2023

Revolut: From Start-Up to Super App

Revolut is a company that’s taken the financial world by storm. Its self-titled ‘global financial super app’ became the UK’s most valuable start-up after a £24 billion/$33 billion valuation making it more valuable than some European banks. 

With over 15 million users and growing, Revolut has set itself apart in the traditional industry as a digital-only banking app (or neobank) that focuses on a core product and is easy to use with no hidden charges. In other words, it offers a simple and effective alternative to a traditional bank. 

What’s particularly interesting about Revolut is its marketing approach. With a focus on the user, the brand aims to turn customers into advocates. This helps Revolut tap into one of the oldest and most reliable forms of promotion - word-of-mouth advertising. 

So how did this start-up go from zero to hero in just eight years? Let’s look at their digital marketing strategy and tactics that have made it one of the biggest disruptors in the finance industry

As Benjamin Belais, Head of France and Switzerland at Revolut says: “Banking is not sexy, nobody wants to talk about it – let’s make banking great again.”

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Clodagh O’Brien
Clodagh O’Brien

Clodagh O'Brien is a content creator and strategist. Over the last 12 years, she has created and managed content for many SMEs and global brands. She's passionate about digital marketing and the impact of technology on culture and society. You can find her on Twitter or LinkedIn.  

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