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Digital Marketing - Study Notes:

Prevent customer churn

There are a lot of useful communications that you can use workflows to automate and make sure that you are plugging all of the holes where your leads may be falling out. It can also be very helpful in making sure that you retain the customers that you have.

Here are a bunch of actions you may wish to automate, as in, send a notification email to the account manager or sales rep in your team that’s responsible for this contact.

  • The person has not renewed their subscription.
  • They have not made a regular purchase that they do with you on monthly.
  • They have not shown up at scheduled calls with their account manager.
  • They have not asked to schedule a call for a long time.
  • They haven’t logged into their account in a long time.
  • They’ve not updated their profile recently.

These are all red flags that you need to discover are relevant to a customer leaving or not, or a user leaving, or a qualified lead becoming unengaged. You can make sure that the right people get notified at the right time to prevent this from happening.

Critical sales-ready conversion events

On the other hand, when you’re talking about leads not yet customers, you want to talk about critical sales-ready conversion events. These can be checking how many times they have viewed the pricing page. Let’s say they’ve been viewing it 10 times in the last week, well, that might be a strong indicator of interest. Has visited the product page frequently. Do they want to know more? Is this behavior telling you that? Has been asking questions about your company on social media, often engages with your emails, has read your case studies, has added some items to the basket.

All of these will be tracked in your marketing automation software, in your landing page, and web page tools. Also, you will have your tracking URLs active around places on the web. So you will have all of the information to know that you can build segments around these and then notify your sales team through a workflow that these people are taking these actions. Then your sales team can decide which of these actions are actually meaningful to a sale and focus in on them. As you understand more about what a sales-ready conversion event is, you can, again, trim it down and focus on them or even expand them if you discover more.

Identify high-quality leads

On top of all of the data you gather through forms or through data enrichment services, you may have to identify your high-quality leads beyond the contact properties. The form data is not always accurate. People can lie. People can put in a fake email address.

How do you deal with that? How do you combine initial lead scoring with behavior? Is your lead scoring accurate or not? How do you refine your understanding of a quality lead over time? Well, the qualification of leads doesn’t stop with setting up a static definition of an MQL or an opportunity.

Data is not always clean. Sometimes you need to dig further. Sometimes you need to add in more analytics. Sometimes you’ve been reading it wrong the entire time. You need to be open to the fact that you will constantly be improving and health-checking the data in your database and your definitions of leads, marketing qualified leads, opportunities, and so and so forth. You should regularly analyze your high scoring and high converting leads and determine all of those actions I just mentioned, that result in high-converting events. These will change over time and you should be able to keep looking into which ones are working best for you.

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Andrea Francis

Inbound marketing manager @ Poppulo

  • Inbound marketing manager in employee communications technology 
  • Worked at Relayr as a senior marketing manager, creating and implementing a global inbound marketing strategy
  • Worked with Hubspot as a marketing manager and funnel optimization specialist focusing on converting leads to qualified leads for the EMEA region
  • Content marketing and blogging with various SaaS startups at Startupbootcamp Amsterdam

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Andrea Francis
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