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Brand Awareness: Why a Digital First Approach Is Essential

Customer Experience Digital Marketing

Everybody has heard that first impressions last a lifetime, and the simple fact is that in the modern age, a brand’s opportunity to make a good first impression is happening in the digital sphere. This is because Americans spend more than 12 hours every day interacting with media devices, including television, radio, internet, desktop and laptop computers, and connected devices. 

Put another way, people today spend more than half their waking lives on digital channels and immersed in technology. A brand that doesn’t have a digital presence has a near-zero chance of locating new prospects and engaging audiences because they aren't looking in the right place.

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7 of the Best Free Audience Listening Tools

Digital Marketing Social Media

Audience listening tools are ones that allow you to monitor your social media accounts, so you'll know when conversations are happening that involve your brand, your products, and services, or even your competitors.

If you're not using them to track what's happening in your backyard, you could possibly miss out on major opportunities to participate in discussions, resolve complaints, stay ahead of your competitors, and keep apprised of the topics your audience cares about.

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How to Analyze and Increase Retention Rates

Campaign Digital Marketing eCommerce

When you run an online e-commerce site or digital business, your retention rate is a powerful force in keeping your business up and running. No matter how many potential leads and clients you acquire, it means nothing without the ability to retain them and continue to profit and provide top-notch service.

Learn how to keep your existing customers engaged and satisfied by following along with the helpful tips, tricks, and tools included in the following article.

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Should You Choose a Career in Digital Marketing?

Careers Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is an exciting and ever-changing field that keeps people on their toes by always having new technologies, new strategies, and new markets to explore. If you're considering a career in digital marketing, here's some information and a series of questions that will help you decide if it’s right for you.

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Social Media Demographics Guide for Digital Marketers

Campaign Digital Marketing Social Media

Whether you’re an experienced digital marketer or brand new to the industry, chances are you know just how vital social media marketing is in your practice. However, social media is changing daily, and faster than ever. It seems as though there are updates and changes in popularity between demographics on an almost weekly basis.

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