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How to Check for Duplicate Content: Overview and Tools

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You probably know that your website should always contain original content. If your site contains duplicate content, it is a huge mistake that can hurt your site ranking and your reputation. Duplicate content can cause you to be penalized by Google by having your page rank lowered or by having your web page removed altogether from searches, and this defeats the purpose of publishing content at all.

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What Are the Top Digital Marketing Careers?

Careers Digital Marketing

Whether you're a mid-level marketer, a recent marketing graduate, or looking to get into the digital marketing field, there are seemingly endless career possibilities, meaning that making a decision as to what area of digital marketing you'd like to specialise in can be tough.

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5 Tips for Effective Influencer Outreach

Digital Marketing Social Media

Influencer outreach is a powerful alternative to traditional advertising and a very effective strategy for developing credibility and promoting awareness of your brand. An influencer is someone who has the ability to deliver your message and promote your brand to a large number of people. Since the audience already trusts the opinions of the influencer, they may be influenced to do business with you.

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9 Best Practices to Generate Backlinks to Your Website

Digital Marketing eCommerce SEO

When it comes to developing backlinks to your brand’s website, it can be frustrating, as it is a process that requires patience, work, and dedication. Gone are the days of simple SEO, where you could insert any link to your website anywhere on the web. For backlinks to be truly successful and 2018 and beyond, digital marketers and copywriters must be conscious about their backlink generating strategy.

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10 Effective Ways to Grow your Digital Career

Careers Digital Marketing

Are you a marketing professional who is just starting out? Are you looking to advance your digital marketing career, but you're not quite sure which direction to take or how to move forward?

If so, you should be continually improving your skills to get a competitive edge. But what's the best way to go about doing so?

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