Apr 10, 2019

Omni-Channel Marketing: with Derek Liddy

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by Derek Liddy

Posted on Apr 10, 2019

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We invited Derek Liddy in for a chat. He is the Head of Digital Marketing at Aer Lingus, Ireland's premier airline and part of IAG.

Derek and Cathal went over the full range of channels that this successful airline uses - both digital and traditional forms. 

They discuss the differences in different markets, OTAs and metas, instant experiences, the benefits of email marketing and how personalization is always a win-win. 

We are also happy to include an audio version to listen to, as well as a transcript for you to download.

Omni-Channel Marketing with Derek Liddy

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Derek Liddy photo
Derek Liddy

Derek is Head of Marketing and e-commerce for Carrolls Irish Gifts. He has over 20 years’ experience developing brands through digital channels, onsite UX/UI, and digital innovation. He has previously worked as the Head of Digital Marketing at Aer Lingus, Head of Online for Anglo Irish Bank, Head of Digital Strategy at Continuum, and has held communications roles at Windmill Lane and Animo Television.