Jul 27, 2023

Presentation: ChatGPT Prompting for Digital Marketers

In this webinar Joe Williams, popular DMI expert and seasoned SEO practitioner, demonstrates how to maximize the potential of AI and ChatGPT through the art of effective prompting.

Remember, the key to unlocking the best AI responses lies in asking the right questions (prompts).

In this webinar, Joe Williams guides you on how to craft prompts that:

  • Grab more eyeballs with catchy headlines, email subjects, and social media posts
  • Cut down the time it takes to put together long-form content
  • Dig up the gold of less competitive, long-tail keywords
  • Brainstorm almost endless ideas for your next blog, tweet, or product launch
  • Diagnose why a digital marketing channel isn't working

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Joe Williams
Joe Williams

Joe Williams teaches search engine optimization at Tribe SEO. He holds a degree in Computing Informatics, and he’s been an SEO specialist for over 15 years. He’s consulted and trained many large blue-chip companies including The Guardian, Cosmopolitan, and Sky. He's on a mission to make SEO easy, fun, and profitable. You can catch him on X (Twitter) and LinkedIn.

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