Mar 20, 2020

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DMI Podcast 1: What is Leadership?

What is a leader, in the corporate world, in everyday management and in conflict situations? Our podcast host Will Francis meets senior leader and trainer Orla Nugent and security and defence analyst Declan Power.

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Orla Nugent
Orla Nugent

Orla has 20+ years international experience working in the Public and Private sectors in senior leadership roles and as a Non-Executive Director.  Currently Orla is Deputy CEO of the Higher Education Authority. Previously Orla worked in Higher Education, Financial Services, Technology, Professional Services and the Start-up sector. Orla has extensive experience of working with organizations during periods of significant change and delivering large scale Change Programmes. Orla’s holds a degree in Engineering, an MBA, Leadership and Coaching qualifications from the Harvard Kennedy School, Institute of Directors, IoD, (UK), and University College Dublin.