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Digital Marketing - Study Notes:

For display campaigns

After you've run your reports, you can analyze the performance of your display campaigns, and you might want to optimize your campaigns to assure you're reaching your goals.

  • Rotate your creative, and maybe test new messaging.
  • Test new targeting options with observations.
  • Adjust your bids accordingly in line with the performance that you're seeing.
  • Monitor your ad's performance regularly, and optimize where needed.

Reduce the bids on poor performers. Increase the bids on your top performers. Amend your targeting to improve your CPM or your clickthrough rate. Restrict or reduce your targeting where your budgets are being exceeded every day, or adjust your ad scheduling, your delivery, or frequency to control your budget in how it's used over the day.

For video campaigns

Likewise, after you've run your reports on your video campaigns, assess the performance against your goals, and judge whether or not your investment is generating a return.

Optimize your campaigns based on what your KPIs are, whether they're views, engagement, your reach, or traffic to your website. Optimize your video campaigns in the same way you would a display or a search campaign. Reduce your bids on poor performers or, to increase your reach, increase your bids on top performers. Amend your targeting to improve your view-through rate or your clickthrough rate.

Expand or restrict your targeting to make sure you're reaching your daily budgets, and adjust your ad schedule and your delivery.

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Digital Marketing Resources:

Lisa Dunn

PPC Account Manager @ OMD Ireland

  • 6+ years’ experience digital marketing 
  • Expertise in PPC advertising
  • Experience in content strategy development, paid social, and display advertising
  • Work day-to-day across paid search, video advertising, and Google Shopping
  • Clients include telecoms and utilties, local Irish brands, large online retailers, and government agencies

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    Display and Video Advertising
    Lisa Dunn
    Skills Expert

    This module begins with the fundamentals of Display and Video advertising and demonstrates how to set up and manage a YouTube channel. It covers the ad formats available on the Google Display Network and YouTube and shows how to set up and manage Display and Video campaigns. It also explains how to apply audience and contextual targeting, exclusions, remarketing, and bid adjustments to target Display and Video ads at the right audience. The module concludes by identifying the key metrics and tools to use to analyze and optimize the effectiveness of Display and Video campaigns.