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Digital Marketing - Study Notes:


So what are the benefits of real text, with regards to images?

Images should never carry the meaning of the email message. Instead, they should act to support it because there is always a chance that the images will not display to your recipients. This is something that can be solved using the ‘real text’. Real text is text that is readable when images have been turned off by an email client.

Real text is beneficial because it can be seen even when images don’t display.

Also, emails load faster when it’s just text. And that means customers are less frustrated customers. Not that customers will be frustrated if messages have images that don’t load, but if you use real text, people have a chance to just look at your content, regardless of whether or not an image loads. You want to make the user experience, the reader experience, the subscriber experience easy and tailor-made and personalized.

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Eric Stoller

Eric Stoller is a Higher Education Strategic Communications Consultant and Blogger at Inside Higher Ed. With a background in student affairs, academic advising, wellness, technology, and communications, Eric educates clients and audiences on digital identity development. As a blogger, he generates conversations, answers questions, and provides insight about a variety of tech topics, including Social Media Strategies and Email Marketing.

Data protection regulations affect almost all aspects of digital marketing. Therefore, DMI has produced a short course on GDPR for all of our students. If you wish to learn more about GDPR, you can do so here:

DMI Short Course: GDPR

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    Applied Email Marketing
    Eric Stoller
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    The Applied Email Marketing module will help you to identify the attributes and features of an effective marketing email. You will recognize the importance of professional email design to retain brand reputation and subscribers, and will understand that testing is the basis of every successful email marketing campaign. The module will then introduce the key metrics and statistics within email reporting, and will help you to identify methods for optimizing the performance of your campaign. 

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