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Digital Marketing - Study Notes:


When thinking about consumer journey, we should begin by looking at the start of the funnel at the Awareness stage to see how we can expand the reach of our product, our promotion, or our service to a wide audience and bring them into the conversion funnel. One of the main channels at the top of the funnel is online display, advertising and video, and different things like that. They go hand in hand, things like YouTube ad display, banners, and so on, because these are outbound channels that show creative formats to people based on audience criteria.

We've got a certain number of targeting criteria, like behaviors, their location, the device they use, their demographics, and what they might be interested in. All of these things can help us understand how we can target different segments with this creative output to bring them into the funnel.

The key benefits are as follows:

  • Reach: We can reach a really large number of people very quickly and very cost effectively.
  • Awareness: We can drive awareness of our product or service in that group.
  • Branding: We're able to show our brand and our brand colors to all those people.
  • Influence: We're able to influence them into the funnel to ultimately take action at a later stage.

Assisting channel

And when deciding how to measure our online display and video, it's important to recognize that display and video is not a closing channel. But it can help assist in driving conversions via closing channels by bringing people into that funnel. Remember, it's outbound, and that's a key differentiator.

So, when assessing the impact of our display activity, it's important to look at things like assisting metrics rather than direct conversions in order to evaluate performance. This is essential to show the value of display.

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Cathal Melinn

Digital Marketing Manager @ Digital Marketing Institute

  • 13 years’ experience in search and display
  • Worked at Yahoo! Search in 2005 as a Senior Search Strategist for the UK Financial Services vertical
  • Moved to the world of agency in 2010 as Head of Search and Online Media for five years 
  • Currently working at the Digital Marketing Institute as a Digital Marketing Manager
  • Previous clients include Apple, Vodafone, Expedia, Virgin, Universal Music Group, Amazon, Compare the Market, and HSBC
Cathal Melinn

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Digital Channels
Cathal Melinn Cathal Melinn
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This module opens with a comprehensive overview of channel planning including the challenges this presents to marketers. It covers inbound and outbound strategies, cross media planning, the digital channel mix, and mobile marketing. Next, the module dives deeper into key topics related to each of the channels, covering social media marketing and content marketing strategy, search engine marketing, SEO, conversion rate optimization, and paid search, email and affiliate marketing, and display and video advertising, including ad formats and creative.

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