Mar 27, 2019

The Best Digital Marketing Channels with Mark Evans (Direct Line)

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by Mark Evans

Posted on Mar 27, 2019

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Mark Evans is the award-winning Managing Director of Marketing and Digital, Direct Line Group. He had a chat recently with Cathal about a number of things, not least his own fascinating career path and how he sees the future of InsurTech

In this video Mark talks to Cathal about the main channels that Direct Line uses for driving the business forward for conversion or awareness.

Direct Line are clear on what does and doesn't work, having a digital effectiveness team. Their number one channel is "Plain Jane" PPC search with Google. But they also use affiliates and, of course, good old methods like the telephone and TV.

Is paid search a marketing or sales channel?
Insurance is particular as renewal letter spurs the customer process

Marketers should stay agnostic about channels, some advertisers can "run away with the digital fairies".
Follow the numbers - models can give more clarity than instinct

Among other things that come are the "Good Carma" podcast they ran with a comedian and a psychologist, what kinds of KPIs they use to keep focus, how to stay channel-agnostic.

A key takeaway might be his observation about AI and Machine learning - that it's a bit like teenage sex: everyone's talking about but noone's really using it (or not doing it well)

The killer app in the whole marketing game is curiosity. 

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" Just around the corner is an insight lurking that could transform the business "

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Mark Evans

Mark is the Managing Director of Marketing and Digital, Direct Line Group. He started his marketing career in Mars Inc and for 10 years worked on a number of their global brands across sectors and geographies. After senior roles at 118118 and HSBC, he joined Direct Line Group in 2012 and has overseen the transformation of DLG's brands and marketing approach, including the multi-award winning re-invigoration of the flagship Direct Line brand. 

He was voted the Financial Services Forum Marketer of the Year in 2015 and the Marketing Society Marketing Leader of the Year in 2018.  In 2016 Mark founded the Sprintathon in support of Stand Up To Cancer and is Chair of the Advertising Association’s Front Foot and Non-Exec for LearnEtAl. 

Mark brings to our Global Industry Advisory Council his world-class experience and passion for all things marketing.