May 31, 2024

18-Month Product Roadmap Template 2025

by Digital Marketing Institute

It's important in your digital marketing to use a product roadmap as it provides a strategic overview of your product development and launch schedule and align team members with goals and timelines. A product, in this instance, could be a digital app, a new product to market or even a service you're developing. 

You can download this Excel-based roadmap template we've developed at the Digital Marketing Institute to help plan your timelines. 

This roadmap template will help you:

  • Plan each product's lifecycle.
  • Calculate the work effort involved across products.
  • Gain visibility into upcoming product launches.

The roadmap template is set up for 18 months, extending into 2025, and can be adapted to any time period you need. You can also use it alongside our Gantt calendar template, which is useful for planning project and campaign timelines.

Just download the Excel file below and follow the full instructions to adapt the roadmap to your own needs.

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