Oct 23, 2019

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Exclusive Lecture Video: Introduction to Influencer Marketing

by Seán Earley

Posted on Oct 23, 2019

Today we bring you this exclusive video from our Social Media Marketing Certification - Specialist Diploma.

Sean provides an excellent overview to the concepts and practices of inluencer marketing, looking at reach vs relevancy, useful tools and using common sense when considering what influencers might best suit your marketing needs.

He also looks at the example of the problems caused by Kim Kardashian posting about an anti-morning sickness drug from Duchesnay without full disclosure.

Influencer marketing is all about profiling and marketing to specific individuals, rather than to large groups of people. 

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Seán Earley
Seán Earley

Seán is the Director of Social Strategy at Teneo PSG, devising and executing exciting, innovative and award winning digital strategy and campaigns for clients such as Unilever UK and Ireland, LIDL Ireland, Coca-Cola HBC, Samsung and CenterParcs.

A former Director on the Board of the Irish Internet Association he has been teaching and supervising with the Digital Marketing Institute since 2016.

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