Oct 22, 2020

Creating Successful Content and Advertising Strategies with Brian Lavery of Accuweather

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by Brian Lavery

Posted on Oct 22, 2020

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Brian Lavery, European Managing Director of AccuWeather, chats to Cathal Melinn about creating successful content and advertising campaigns by using data to inform a successful advertising strategy. 

He talks about how data can influence purchasing patterns across industries, from music to pharmaceuticals, and how marketers can use this information to create successful advertising strategies. He also explains how weather triggering works and how AccuWeather help advertising companies to use weather data to enhance their campaigns.

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Brian Lavery photo
Brian Lavery

Brian is the European Managing Director of AccuWeather, the global weather forecasting and digital media company. He previously worked in commercial management and marketing at Twitter and Vodafone, and as a management consultant with McKinsey & Co.

He spent the early part of his career as a journalist, including six years at The New York Times and a theatre critic for the Irish Independent. He is chairman of The Ark, Ireland's cultural center for children.

Brian brings to the Executive Council well-rounded experience in digital marketing and social media across multiple industries and regions.