Mar 20, 2019

Career Spotlight with Brian Lavery of Accuweather

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by Brian Lavery

Posted on Mar 20, 2019

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Brian Lavery is managing director of one of the fastest-growing media organizations in the world - Accuweather. The company was actually founded in 1962 when JFK was president, long before the internet. Still a real family business, based in the US with European HQ in Dublin, they are investing in a lot of new talent to bring the core forecasting expertise out to market.  

They are now, as we all are, facing the biggest question of all - climate change - and he discusses how they are adapting to much greater awareness (and effects) about it.

Brian talks about his career projectory, the last 20 years of which he has spent in Ireland. Starting off as a reporter for The New York Times and other outlets, on culture and current affairs, he became specially interested in the heyday and its aftermath of the Irish tech sector boom in the late 1990s. After completing an MBA he got into consulting, leading to a variety of tech roles, from Vodafone to Twitter.

He shares his thoughts on what others can do to be adaptive, how to stay connected to people that matter to you and your interests, and the idea of helping and being helped. And to never be afraid to be open to serendipity and to learn. 

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Brian Lavery photo
Brian Lavery

Brian is the European Managing Director of AccuWeather, the global weather forecasting and digital media company. He previously worked in commercial management and marketing at Twitter and Vodafone, and as a management consultant with McKinsey & Co.

He spent the early part of his career as a journalist, including six years at The New York Times and a theatre critic for the Irish Independent. He is chairman of The Ark, Ireland's cultural center for children.

Brian brings to the Executive Council well-rounded experience in digital marketing and social media across multiple industries and regions.