Jul 17, 2020

Email & Social Media Campaign ROI Calculator

This fully detailed tool allows you to break down all the costs that might be associated with an email or social media campaign, helping you see if your original objective brings about the result you wanted, at the right cost.

  • Use the first sheet to note a variety of metrics and costs to calculate total Return on Sales and Return on Profit.
  • Use the second sheet to help you plot out the ROI of each Social Media campaign to calculate total Return on Sales and Return on Profit.
  • The third sheet lets you plot out the ROI of each Email Marketing and/or Social Media campaign by month.

We offer this toolkit in association with Karen Talavera, of Synchronicity Marketing.

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Karen Talavera
Karen Talavera

Karen Talavera is the founder and principal of Synchronicity Marketing, a data-driven digital marketing consultancy. As current Vice Chair of the Email Experience Council she is a recognized global expert, thought-leader, speaker and professional educator with 20 years’ experience in email and digital marketing strategy.  Karen has contributed to e-commerce performance improvements for countless brands in DTC, financial services, travel, healthcare, retail and tech including Google, Disney, Kendo Brands, Lenovo, City National Bank, AAA, Fidelity, Amway and many more. Previously, Karen held senior marketing positions at Yesmail, Acxiom Digital, and Experian.

Follow Karen on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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