Email Marketing Interview Preparation Toolkit

by Conor Ward

Posted on Jan 17, 2019

Email Marketing Interview Preparation Toolkit

This toolkit has been designed as a practical resource for candidates who are preparing to interview for an email marketing position.

It is geared towards those applying for positions requiring 0–3 years’ experience in the email marketing specialty. Many people who are applying for entry-level email marketing positions may already have substantial experience in digital marketing, within other areas of the industry. Therefore, we recommend that this interview toolkit be used in conjunction with our previous Digital Marketing Interview Preparation Toolkit.  

That previous toolkit provides guidance on digital marketing interviews generally, so it should still be used to prepare general opening interview questions, as well as personality and closing questions. It also provides helpful additional tips on how to approach a digital marketing interview. This new toolkit builds upon that, providing specific guidance for competency-based email marketing interview questions.

This document includes a list of common email marketing interview questions, guidance notes on how to approach each question, sample responses, and practice areas for you to write your own notes and prepared responses. You can do this by typing your notes into the document, or alternatively just print it off and write up your notes in the appropriate spaces. 

This provides the perfect template to get you well prepared for an upcoming interview. 

Just download the Microsoft Word document below to get started.

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Conor Ward
Conor Ward

Conor is a content producer and writer, and former Membership Content Executive at the Digital Marketing Institute. In that position he played a key role in building and managing an extensive library of specialist digital marketing content for the Membership platform. He is an experienced writer and editor, both for print publications and digital platforms, with a passion for content marketing, major brands and career topics. He can be found on LinkedIn here

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