Nov 23, 2023

Channel Performance Tracker

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byCathal Melinn

Posted on Nov 23, 2023

A key part of any marketer’s role is to monitor digital marketing campaigns and track performance. This helps to understand what channels are getting results and what needs to be revised or put on hold.   

There are many reasons a channel doesn’t perform. It could be targeted at the wrong audience or for one that’s too broad. Maybe the keywords have changed and people are now searching for other terms or phrases. Or perhaps the messaging is not resonating with the target audience or the journey to the landing page is clunky.  

This practical toolkit allows you to track the ongoing performance of your various digital marketing channels. It can be used to set targets and KPIs for each channel (organic search, social media, email marketing etc.) for individual months or a full year.

It also breaks down the performance of each channel by website traffic, leads/transactions and revenue, providing monthly data for each. The toolkit also produces simple graphs comparing the performance of channels to the targets set out so channel performance can be tracked on an ongoing basis.

This makes it a vital analytics resource for a digital marketing team, especially when monitoring data and performance of eCommerce websites.

The toolkit is ideally suited for those with a background working knowledge of analytics and proficiency with Microsoft Excel, however it can also be used to build up skills in this area. 

Download this Channel Performance toolkit to start setting targets and tracking the performance of your various digital marketing channels.

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Cathal Melinn

Cathal Melinn is a well-known Digital Marketing Director, commercial analyst, and eommerce specialist with over 15 years’ experience.

Cathal is a respected international conference speaker, course lecturer, and digital trainer. He specializes in driving complete understanding from students across a number of digital marketing disciplines including: paid and organic search (PPC and SEO), analytics, strategy and planning, social media, reporting, and optimization. Cathal works with digital professionals in over 80 countries and teaches at all levels of experience from beginner to advanced.

Alongside his training and course work, Cathal runs his own digital marketing agency and is considered an analytics and revenue-generating guru - at enterprise level. He has extensive local and international experience working with top B2B and B2C brands across multiple industries.

Over his career, Cathal has worked client-side too, with digital marketing agencies and media owners, for brands including HSBC, Amazon, Apple, Red Bull, Dell, Vodafone, Compare the Market, Aer Lingus, and Expedia.

He can be reached on LinkedIn here.