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Digital Marketing - Study Notes:

Creator Studio

Creator Studio is where you’ll organize your channel and manage your videos. The main tools available in Creator Studio are:

  • Dashboard
  • Video Manager
  • Community
  • Channel
  • Analytics
  • Create

For marketers on the go, there’s also the Creator Studio app for your mobile devices, that lets you manage your YouTube channel and its content.

Dashboard tool

The Creator Studio page gives you an overview of what’s happening in and around your YouTube channel. It can be customized according to your needs.

Video Manager tool

Video Manager lets you organize and update your videos in one place. You can use it to tweak settings, optimize videos, and apply bulk updates.

Live Streaming tool

The Live Streaming tool allows you to control how your video is going to go live on YouTube. There are two ways to do this:

  • Stream Now is the simplest way to stream. YouTube automatically detects the stream resolution and frame rate. When you are live, YouTube will transcode to lower resolutions, so all of your fans can enjoy your stream, no matter the quality of their internet connection.
  • Events gives you more control of your stream. You’llbe able to select privacy options, set a start time, enable a backup stream for redundancy, create multiple live events, and stream them all simultaneously.

Community tool

The Community tool helps you monitor all activity across your video content in one place:

  • Comments. You’ll be able to monitor, read, and engage with all comments on all videos.
  • Messages. Messages allows you to see and reply to private messages from fans.
  • Subscribers. Subscribers lets you see who has subscribed to your YouTube channel. You can sort them by most recent or most popular.
  • Community settings. The settings option lets you ban users or flag keywords that you do not want to appear in the comments sections.
  • Credits. The credits section lets your monitor whether someone has tagged your channel in their video credits.

Channel tool

Use the Channel tool to access the following sections:

  • Status and features gives you an overview of your channel’s health, and if it’s in good standing with copyright and community standards.
  • Upload defaults is where you can define a channel’s default upload settings, such as video titles, descriptions, titles, advertising, and language. These will be preset and automatically set on all future uploads.
  • Paid subscriptions allows you to make your channel a paid channel. This is useful if you have premium content that the viewer needs to buy in order to watch.
  • Featured content is where you indicate what video you want to be promoted across all videos.
  • Branding is where you set your branded watermark that appears across all your channel videos.
  • Advanced is for account information, like channel location, channel-level keyword tags, advertising options, and channel privacy.

Translations and transcriptions tool

Your community can help you reach a larger audience by adding their own closed captions to your videos. This is useful, as many brands can’t afford to create closed captions in all languages. This tool allows you review fan-submitted closed captions and approve them.

Create tool

The Create tool offers resources for video creators such as sound effect files, rights-free music, licenced music that has clearly-defined use rules, and a video editor.

The audio library tool offers a collection of music that you can use that is rights-free, as well as top artists’ music that you can use with limitations on monetization. Video editor is a simple web-based editor for fixing and creating new video files from the files you’ve already uploaded to the channel. You can also find a library of rights-free sound effects that you can add to videos.

Video enhancement

YouTube offers a simple editing tool that you can use to modify videos after you’ve uploaded them. However, it’s important to note that you cannot modify a video after it’s passed 100,000 views, or if it has been claimed by content ID.

Using YouTube as a brand

A brand YouTube channel is a great place to share the content that you as a brand have watched and liked. It’s also a great place for the brand to share content from its partners. Why should a brand have a YouTube channel?

  • YouTube is one of the most popular search engines in the world, with over one billion visitors each month.
  • It’s a promotional platform that can help a brand build an audience.
  • It’s a free hosting service for your videos.
  • YouTube is owned by Google, which means it’s connected to the Google Display Network, making it an excellent place to advertise.
  • YouTube has the same tools as other social platforms, allowing you to create a community around your content.
  • YouTube videos can be shared across websites and social platforms. This means that your videos and brand messaging can be exposed to a larger audience off of YouTube.
  • YouTube channels are a great place to create content that is informative and useful to your audience.
  • If your customers are watching content that is related to your brand, you should be on YouTube.


It’s important to engage with your fans on YouTube. This indicates to your audience that there’s somebody behind the screen who is paying attention to them. Engaging with your audience will help you gather information on how the content is being appreciated and viewed, which can help shape future videos.

Sentiment rating

Likes and dislikes will clearly tell you if your audience appreciates your content or not.

Types of page administration

YouTube brand pages can have multiple managers:

  • An owner has full power over everything around the channel.
  • A manager has all of the capabilities of an owner, except for particularly sensitive capabilities, such as adding/removing managers.
  • A communications manager has the capabilities of a manager, except for editing channel/business info, starting a YouTube Live broadcast, or managing videos on YouTube.


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Carlos Pacheco

Carlos Pacheco is the Vice President of Audience Development at Boat Rocker Media. Managing a team dedicated to online audience growth, Carlos has grown YouTube channels to have millions of subscribers and billions of views. Follow Carlos on Twitter on @carlospache_co for great social media tips.

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