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Thinking with A Global Perspective

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Digital Marketing - Study Notes:

As a leader, you need to be a ‘big-picture person’. You should think with a global perspective. How can you do this? You need to:

  • Study your industry and the environment in which it operates
  • Expand your global experience by working in different cultures
  • Be a continuous learner, and share what you learn

Study your industry and the environment in which it operates

How well do you know your industry or the field that you work in? How much do you know about your company, the market it serves, and how well it does that? As a manager, activities of planning, organizing, and so on may be so well prescribed that you can operate effectively without needing to think about any of these issues. But to be a leader, that wider view is essential – because if you don't know what is going on, how can you create a vision and convince others to follow?

Taking an interest in your industry, and in the market and environment that your company exists to serve, is an essential step. It will give you a wider point of view. And this greater understanding will help to lift you above the concerns of day-to-day management.

Expand your global experience by working in different cultures

If you are to lead in an environment that is truly global, then you must build up direct experience in other cultures as well as countries. How can you explore opportunities to take on assignments for extended periods in other parts of the world? Are you free to do so?

To gain a truly global view, such assignments would need you to immerse yourself in the culture as completely as you can, giving you the chance to learn how the local people think and what they consider important. It may require learning a new language if it is different from your own.  And remember, being directly involved in a project with specific results is more valuable than just being located in an overseas office.

Expanding your global experience in this way is a big commitment. Although this level of commitment is far beyond what most people are prepared to do, it is what distinguishes people with leadership qualities.

Be a continuous learner

Share what you learn. Leaders are constant learners. Since their focus is on what is not known yet, everything they do is a learning experience. Tolerating ambiguity and living and operating outside of their comfort zones are part of the territory. So effective leaders not only recognize their own need to develop learning skills, they treat with great importance the issue of sharing what they learn to help others develop and become leaders.

So they mentor, they coach. They inspire greatness in others. They work to create an environment that nurtures expansion and growth, so that people can be their best at whatever they do, and feel supported and trusted. Developing coaching skills and experience is one of the biggest personal assets a leader can acquire.

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Bill Phillips

International Facilitator, Trainer, and Team Coach

  • Has successfully coached CEOs, board members, directors, executive teams, and team leaders in public and private companies, NGOs, and UN organizations in 15 countries across four continents
  • Is the creator of Future-basing®, a highly potent process for building strategy, vision, and cooperation
  • Inspires people to build excellent interpersonal relationships and achieve their goals

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    In this module, you will learn how to become a strategic thinker. You will discover the characteristics of strategic thinking, and its many benefits. You will also be introduced to a method called Future-basing® that you can use to build a vision for the future in your own organization.

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