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Digital Marketing - Study Notes:

What is the function of search audits?

Search audits allow you to establish a current standing of your search marketing activity.

Audit the current status of your search marketing channels by analyzing the following factors:

  • Technical SEO: How well is your site adhering to Google’s best practices? Is it accessible for crawlers? And does it provide an optimal user experience across devices?
  • SEO rankings performance: How frequently does your site rank on local search engines? And in which positions? Does it rank via text, image, video, or news results?
  • Adherence to Google Ads best practices: Does your paid search account follow all best practices? Are you making the most of the targeting capabilities available to you?
  • Content marketing performance: Is your content created to drive brand awareness, how consumers research or drive acquisition?
  • Display and video ad performance: What role does your display and video activity play in relation to the channels above?

In addition, benchmarking your current performance against the competition provides insight into how much investment will be required to succeed.

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Clark Boyd

Clark Boyd is the VP of Strategy at Croud, a global digital marketing agency with clients including Netflix,, DKNY, and the Guardian. Clark has eight years of search marketing experience setting strategies for American Express, ASOS, and General Motors.

Clark Boyd

Data protection regulations affect almost all aspects of digital marketing. Therefore, DMI has produced a short course on GDPR for all of our students. If you wish to learn more about GDPR, you can do so here:

DMI Short Course: GDPR

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Strategy and Planning
Clark Boyd Clark Boyd
Skills Expert

This module covers the key steps for planning and implementing a search marketing strategy for your organization. It addresses the key components in an effective search marketing strategy and outlines best practices for planning and research. It also covers how to execute a strategy and evaluate the performance of a search marketing campaign.

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